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W:TW 3.0 Battle For Azeroth! (New Game Mode) :^)

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Alliance vs Horde (Aka Battle for Azeroth)! :^)








The Minimap!





The Multiboard




Faction Swaps.


Dreadlords > Kul Tiras (Gains new Bases: Kul Tiras, Theramore)


Scourge > Gilneas (Gains new Base: Gilneas)


Lordaeron > Forsaken


Fel Horde > Goblins (Gains New Bases: Kezan, Booty Bay, Ratchet, Steamwheedle Port,


1Venture Bay)


Dalaran > Blood Elves


Dark Horde > Kor’kron (Garrosh)


Druids > Draenei (Gains New Base: The Exodar)



Several Territorial Change:


Areas removed (with plans to bring them back later)


-Nathreza, Dalaran, Naxrammas.


-Nordrassil and its immediate area.


-Alterac, Scholomance, Ty’s Hand



Areas that go Neutral Hostile


-Black Temple & Icecrown...which reminds me!



Raid Bosses have been added!


Illidan and the Lich King have become Raid Bosses (with many more to come)! They reward the entire team with Gold and Tech! Competing for a World First boss kill never meant so much. :)







Editor Comment: Work on Alliance vs Horde began about 2-3 weeks ago. You can imagine my surprise when I was just finishing up some of the last bugs Thursday night and the new expansion Battle for Azeroth was announced the next day. I’m not only looking forward to playing this mode but also further developing and adding to it moving forward, as I intend to do with the other Dynamic Game Modes!



I snuck an Alpha of 3.0 on for the forum game that was scheduled for today. Horde won! No real major bugs surfaced but there is tuning to be done (tower nerf inc) and faction will be getting more unique in the skill sets.

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Reminds me of naming my first faction the Iron Alliance, then Blizzard released the Iron Horde in WoD. Still don't know how I feel about that one. Lel.

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