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W:TW 3.0 - Pandaria & Broken Isles!

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To ask why I map, is to ask why the leave fall…



It is in my nature...







New Zone! Pandaria






New Zones! Broken Isles





Aside from control points and strategic value each of these new land masses offer new powerful and unique mercenaries, items, World Bosses and powerful capturable structures. Pandaria is the home of the Celestial Court which every 5 turns grants its owning player’s heroes 3000 experience anywhere on the map. The Broken Isles contains the ancient city of Suramar, there you can capture the Nightwell, which acts as a global moon well, for your own personal use.



Editor Comment: Originally Pandaria was going to be added for 3.0 and Broken Isles with 4.0. I really enjoyed doing small things (Icons, Models, minor content) while releasing fixes for 2.0. With plans to add Pandaria and Broken Isle both planned before I felt I could start doing smaller patches I decided to add them in together so I could start working on smaller patches (and start playing the map). The number scheme will go along the lines of 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 now that the map is caught up with major land masses! I’m almost free to start mapping...



I planned to do a major reterrain of the Eastern Kingdoms for 3.0, from Silvermoon to Stranglethorn, but the idea to merge 3.0 and 4.0 took over the time table.

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