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The Szechuan Sauce Riots of McDonald's

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So essentially last weekend, McDonald's had a promotion at select venues across the US for that sweet, delicious, Szechuan Sauce that was promoted for the movie Mulan that was autisticly mentioned on the new popular tv show Rick and Morty. Here is a clip from the show.



Now for the viewing of the autistic madness that sperged that one day, where when McDonald's ran out of Mulan's Szechuan Sauce.



Crowds started to chant "We want Sauce." outside McDonald's venues across America and even break in's/robberies occurred for that sweet Szechuan Sauce.



People even smashed the sauce and people crowded around the pavemented sauce and tasted it.



This was a common scene across McDonald's everywhere. No end to the madness of the Sauce.



This video here is a recap of not only the madness at McDonald's locations, but on Twitter as well.



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