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Item Revamp and Ideas

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I thought I was going to make a few nice and simple item suggestions, but my post keeps growing and growing and now I can't stop and don't want to cut it in half :eek:.

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Tomorrow, two years from now, whats the difference?





Here are a bunch of suggestions for items and short explaination for why I think they'd be good. I also threw in a few balance suggestions on items.


Many hero abilities in coth are neat and exciting. Plenty of items like the Bronze Sword, Battlethirst Helm, Essence of Aszune, Dragonscale Sheath and Bastion of Purity already ”mirror” abilities from Kilrogg, Genn, Danath and Orgrim respectivly. I think many more such items could be added. They could make the basis for varied builds and can be used either to give a hero a ”new” ability or combine it with their existing one to make it even stronger.


Some items suggestions are intended to alleviate or solve certain issues I think are problematic, while others are new and interesting but don't serve any particular purpose.


Let me just say that I'm aware that I strongly dislike stacking items with non-stacking benefits, which might have some undue influence on my suggestions.


In addition, I'd like to state that while the more vanilla probably wouldn't cause any trouble if added, some of the more exotic ones might. The numbers should be seen more as a concept and less of a ”this would be totally balanced and should be added with these exact stats”.


It's quite lengthy so I put it in a spoiler to reduce thread clutter.


As I didn't write this in one go, I realize there is a slight overlap between certain items.


Some items appear twice, this is because I thought it would be confusing if the materials for a suggested item would be another suggested item that appears later.


In my mind an Unique Scroll is still 730 IP, which is why almost all Unique items have that IP cost. Same for Rare items.


Brief overview of topics

New Rare items



Item budgets

New Intelligence Uniques

New Agility Uniques

New Strength Uniques

New Tank Uniques

Trade-Off Items

Current Item Balance


Non-combat Consumables


New Rare items

A few new rare items, usually meant to fill a stat combination that's currently not available.


Gloves of the Ogre Lord

Grants 7 Strength and increases mana regeneration by 55%.


Made from Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (325), Sobi Mask (400) And (275) IP. (1000) in total.


Basically a strength version of shaman claws, slightly better stats because agi > strength. Slightly less mana regeneration to compensate.



Wolf Rider's Blade

Gives 12 agility and 200 hit points.


Made from Scimitar (775), Periapt of Vitality (475) and (275) IP. (1525) in total.


Mainly suggested because I thought it would be nice with an expensive agility rare for the other ideas.



Elven Glaive

Worn by Elven warriors, this graceful elven weapon enables both protection and swift strikes. Gives 6 agility and 35% chance to block 20 damage.


Made from Wooden Shield (500), two claws of attack (325)+(325) and (275) IP. (1425) in total.


This is a fairly elaborate item, designed to make it easier for agility heroes to survive in the early game without sacrificing too much damage. In addition it also provides build alternatives for builds with Wooden Shield.


Figurine of the Serpent

Gives 12 intelligence and 25% attack speed.


Made from Robe of the Magi (650), Gloves of Haste (500) and (275) item points. (1425) in total.


A precursor to the various suggested intelligence items.


Intended to aid auto-attack mages with their poor late game scaling and increasing intelligence scaling.



Vibrant Shard

A strange object that seems to move by itself. Grants 35% Chance to block 35 damage and 6 strength.


Made from Bronze Shield (850), Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (325) and (275) item points. (1450) in total.


Precursor to suggested items. First strength accessorie. Provides alternative build path for Bronze Shield. This is an important point worth repeating. Bronze Shield is a very good and valuable tank/damage mitigation item, however it suffers from a chronical problem, all the subsequent unique items except Bastion of Purity are fairly niche or poor for tanks in many situations. (Glacial Shield, Radiant Savior, Bronze Greaves).




Since I began writing the item guide I've increasingly felt that there is a fundamental problem with the Starlight Treads. They are a unique item with a few unique traits. First of they enable you to fill your inventory and still teleport, sounds pretty obvious but it means that you can get 6 items instead of 5 and a teleport scroll. Secondly they also remove the need to buy more teleport scrolls. Thirdly they give non stacking movement speed, this is perhaps a bit more of a personal issue, but I feel that this means that Starlight treads being the ”best” boots more or less makes the other boots items obsolete, as you generally don't want two pairs of boots (Soulguard/bronze greaves, more on these later). Starlight Treads is really a must get in most ”full” builds and it is a really good item already. Several players like Prabuty and Frostwolf76 basically get this item first on every single hero, and while I don't think it's optimal, it's always a good strategy.


That said, Starlike treads should have a place, and the goal isn't to destroy them as an item. Instead the suggestion is adding 3 new teleportation items. Each having a traditional str/agi/int statline, no movement speed and less teleportation. They will also be somewhat underbudgeted statwise, since they are intended as a teleportation item, not a replacement for traditional str/agi/int items. This will solve the previous items while keeping Starlight treads a valuable and useful item.


Belt of Broxigar the red

The belt of the mighty orcish champion Broxigar the red is known to have traveled trough time and space. Grants the wearer 24 strength, 6 armor and 200 hit points. Also allows the user to teleport to any friendly unit (60 second cooldown, 150 mana).


Made from Gloves of the Ogre Lord (1000), Belt of Giants (650), War Axe (1000) and 730 IP. (3380) in total.



Shroud of Garona

No one ever figured out how Garona managed her legendary feats of infiltration and assassination. The Shroud of Garona increases agility by 22, damage by 8 and armor by 2. When worn, the user can teleport to any friendly unit (60 second cooldown, 150 mana).


Made from Wolf Rider's Blade (1525), Two cloaks of evasion (650)+(650) and (730) item points. (3555) in total.



Sin'dorei Orb of Translocation

The Sin'dorei Orb of Translocation enables the wearer to move over great distances in no time. Bestows the user with 24 intelligence, 0,70 mana regeneration and 150 mana. Can be used to teleport the wearer and 4 nearby units to any friendly unit (50 second cooldown, 200 mana).


Made from Crystal Ball (1525), Pendant of Mana (450), Enchanted Skull (600) and (730) IP. (3305) in total.


These still bring units because they are an int item and intelligence is generally the weaker stat.


Starlight Treads

In addition to this I think the Starlight treads should have their cooldown/mana cost slightly reduced (40 seconds, 100 mana?) and perhaps the number of units teleported increased to 11.



This is not an item, but an effect. Many (well, both) truestrike items are fairly unpopular and have some internal issues to them. They could be redesigned and perhaps new ones added.



The Owlsight Rifle

The Owlsight could have the same cost/build, but have the stats changed to something more along the lines of 40 damage, 20% attack speed, 20% chance to deal 50 damage and Truestrike If you feel this doesn't match with the Crystal ball, change it to a Halberd and Gloves of Haste.


Changes from Argent Spear (1950), Crystal Ball (1525) and (700) IP. (4175) in total.


To: Argent Spear (1950), Halberd (900), Gloves of Haste (500) and (825) IP. (4175) in total.



Bronze Greaves

Bronze Greaves are not that bad, but the conflict with Starlight treads is a big problem. Furthermore they are too cheap. Perhaps they could cost more but be turned up slightly, add a Belt of Giants to the recipie and have them give 8 armor (in total) and 200 health? (as well as the current bonuses). This would put them more on pair with other armor items in terms of cost.


Changed from Plated Boots (1025), Bronze Shield (850) and (1025) IP. (2900) in total.


To: Plated Boots (1025), Bronze Shield (850), Belt of Giants (650) and (850) IP. (3375) in total.



Ancient Kaldorei Bow

One shot, one kill. The bows utilized by the fabled Night Elven archer women are known to always strike true. Increases the wielders attack by 25, 10 agility and gives them a 50% chance to deal 1,25x normal damage and never misses the mark (gives Truestrke).


Made from Silver Blade (1925) and two Bow of Quel'Thalas (1000)+(1000) and (730) IP. (4655) in total.


Mainly designed for those ranged agility heroes that really don't want to ”waste” item points on defensive Bronze Greaves and dislike the unwieldy damage and intelligence on Owlsight.



Item budgets

While having varying item costs is a good way to differentiate them from eachother, certain items are clearly cheap and have low stats, which creates certain issues when you're limited to 6 slots. A few suggestions for changes to some of the more problematic ones.


Dragonscale Sheath

Dragonscale Sheath could be buffed, in particular the damage reflection part. This will also bring it up slightly in cost and make it more similar in this aspect compared to Stonepath and Lightbinder.


Change from Runed Bracers (1100), Ring of Protection (225), Spiked Helm (820) and (1030) IP. (3175) in total.


To: Runed Bracers (1100), 2x Spiked helm (820)+(820) and (730) IP. (3470) in total.


In return, buff the damage return part. Either by increasing the percentage returned or by adding an additional flat bonus. In addition it could be worth considering adding some armor.



Soulguard Slippers

Something similar could be done for Soulguard Slippers, for much the same reasons.


Change materials from Plated Boots (1025), Frozen Shard (1065) and (610) IP. Total (2700).


To: Plated Boots (1025), Frozen Shard (1065), Ring of protection (225) and (730) IP. Total (3045).


In return, slap on 4 armor on the boots.


New Intelligence Uniques

Many intelligence heroes suffer from the fact that they both scale with intelligence and scale poorly into the late game. These items are designed to combat these issues.


Staff of Destruction

This powerful weapon was forged in secret by the Council of Six in Dalaran, can temporairly grant the wielder massive power. Provides 20 intelligence, 6 damage and can imbue the user with a surge of power (175 damage, 15 second duration, 900 mana, 60 second cooldown)*


Made from Figurine of the Serpent (1425), two Mage Staves (1000)+(1000) and (930) item points. (4355) in total.


The goal of this item is to enable a certain type of heroes (Antonidas, Gelbin, Anasterian, Teron and such) to go for a int/mana heavy build and still deal damage in the late game. It comes with a prohibitive high mana cost to make it less attractive to int heroes with more viable Auto-attack builds such as Archimonde or Ner'zhul. It also cripples strange crossovers for non-int heroes.


*Not sure exactly what sort of stats are really balanced/worthwhile, it's roughly the same as Thoras ultimate. The idea is to have the typical late game mage being able to dump a significant portion of their 2000+ mana pool into this ability.


Wand of the Serpent Priests

These wands, worn by troll Serpent Priests in the service of the foul blood god Hakkar enchances the bearer with unatural speed and cunning. Gifts the owner 28 intelligence, 35% attackspeed and 8 damage.


Made from Figurine of the Serpent (1425), Mage Stave (1000), Star Wand (325) and (730) item points. (3480) in total.


Pretty obvious item, designed to give int heroes a way to get attackspeed.



Elven Spellblade

Like the fabled Felo'Melorn, the blade of these Elven weapons are covered in eldrich runes. They burn with a fury no armor can withstand. Gives 24 intelligence, 20% attack speed and reduces enemy armor by 7.


Made from Mana Blade (1700), Figurine of the Serpent (1425) and (730) IP. (3855) in total.


Perhaps a bit expensive. This is an intelligence version of Amani Throwing Axe and Blackrock Champions Axe. Basically serves the same function.



Ring of Midas Replicate

While not as potent as its fabled ancestor, this artifact can temporairly transmute a portion of the enemies armor to gold, reducing their armor by 40%. In addition it also gives the wielder 24 intelligence and 0.75 mana regeneration.


Made from Crystal Ball (1525), Claymore (1700), Ring of Protection (225) and (730) IP. (4180) in total.


This is obviously an intelligence version of Corrupted Edge. Corrupted Edge is a very important item but many heroes struggle to fit one in their build. This is designed to alleviate this by providing an attractive alternative for caster heroes.


New Agility Uniques

For agility heroes, the biggest issue is generally balancing damage with survivability. Most of these items are intented to help them out in this regard.


Flurry Axe

This deadly orcish Axe enables the wielder to attack with staggering speed. Gives 28 agility, 6 damage and 20% attack speed.


Made from Wolf Rider's Blade (1525), Bow of Quel'thalas (1000), Gloves of Haste (500) and (730) item points. (3755) in total.


With the changes to the Amani Throwing Axe, the most cost efficent agility/attack speed item was lost. This is a replacement. I realize it's made from a sword but I felt making it from a War Axe or Skull blade would be wierd. It's named after the epic item in WoW which could trigger another attack instantly.



Blade of the Blademaster

Crafted for the deadly Blademasters of the Burning Blade Clan, these highly skilled and resillient warriors have been seen splitting arrows in flight. Gives 28 agility, 6 damage, 300 health and a 50% chance to block 16 damage.


Made from Wolf Rider's Blade (1525), Wooden Shield (500), Cloak of Evasion (650) and (730) item points. (3405) in total.


This item is mostly a stacking version of Wolfhunters Guise. Think of it as slightly worse than the first Wolfhunters but better than buying a second one, or if you will, a slightly more aggressive version.



Shadow Glaive of the Sentinel

Alledgedly worn by a legendary elven warrior mounted on a giant panther/black cat. Increases agility by 28, armor by 6 and gives 18% evasion.


Made from Elven Glaive (1425), Cloak of Evasion (650), Halberd (900) and (730) IP. (3705) in total.


Like Synegg, I agree that there should be an agility evasion item, and this is one. It also provides another item path for wooden shields and gives agility heroes (or others I guess) a way to obtain evasion without sacrificing too much damage/attack speed. It also increases the value of truestrke.




Once worn by Garona, this dagger is coated in a poison that could bring down the mightiest foe. Gives 22 agility, 8 damage and a chance to stun enemy heroes for one second when hit.*


Made from Assassin's Blade (775), Claymore (1700) and (730) IP. (3205) in total.


*Same stats/functionality as Royal Hammer in the stun department.


This is intended as an agility version of the Royal Hammer.




New Strength Uniques

Certain strength heroes, in particular the more damage aligned ones have a tough time combining survivability and damage properly, especially since they don't get the "free" attackspeed and sustain afforded to an agility hero with life steal. In addition it's hard to think of items that will help heroes like Thoras, Llane, Blackhand, Dentarg and Azgalor without being hillariously overpowered on heroes like Orgrim or Rend, not to mention Killrogg or Tichondrius.


Anhillian Devastator

Usually brought into battle by Pit Lords, these mighty weapons cut bloody swathes on any battlefield. Increases strength by 24, armor by 4 and makes every melee attack deal 45 damage infront of the user.


Made from Dwarven Axe (1825), Belt of Giants (650), Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (325) and (730) IP. (3530) in total.


This is basically a cleaver that increases survivability and doesn't scale with AA damage. Not sure if it isn't horribly overpowered on agility heroes. Melee only. Maybe damage should scale with something like 0,2*STR to prevent this.



Berserker Pelt

Worn by fearless orcish warriors, these pelts fashioned from the unknown beasts of Draenor drive the wearer into a frothing rage where no pain can be felt. Gives 24 strength, 8 damage and enables Painless** (200+5xSTR shield for 5 seconds. 10 seconds after activation it deals twice the damage absorbed to the user).


Made from Ogre Mallet (1250), Dwarven Axe (1825) and (730) IP. (3805) in total.


*These are obviously somewhat random numbers. I have no idea if this will be in any way balanced or horribly broken.


**Name work in progress.


The idea is pretty simple, your hero gets tankier now but has to pay a heavy price later. Scaling with strength to avoid bursty agility heroes benefitting too much, maybe max health would be a better option. The damage taken when the shield expires would be unavoidable, like Faol's self damage when healing, so no sneaky Glacial Shield / Radiant Savior strategies.


Hakkari Blood Drinker

Carried by troll warriors of the Gurubashi empire, this blade has an endless thirst for blood. Gives 22 strength, 8 damage and upon slaying a foe, heals the wielder for 140 hit points over 10 seconds.


Made from something.


This is basically Muradins E on a weapon. Designed to help increase the long time regeneration of warrior heroes. Think of it as an item with 14 hp/s on it, like the old Bastion of Purity. However this is conditional on killing foes and as such it's slightly stronger. Incase it's not obvious, this item doesn't stack with itself, and killing several enemies doesn't stack the buff, only refresh it.*


An alternative version could be to have the healing be slightly weaker, but proc when an enemy hits your hero instead. This because certain tanking/strength heroes have a tough time landing killing blows.


*Maybe it could stack the duration?


New Tank items

A variety of items primarily aimed at those heroes that tend to be very tanky but have poor AA damage.


Ever Shifting Titanic Chestplate

This armor, found on a dormant titan construct, is made of overlapping plates that seem to constantly move around on their own accord. Gives 550 hit points, 14 armor and a 35% chance to block 40 damage.


Made from Vibrant Shard (1450) Chest Plate (1000), Periapt of Vitality (475) and (730) item points. (3655) in total.


A while ago, stacking/getting several Stonepaths was a fairly viable strategy, but the recent changes have made this significantly worse. An option is usually to substitute the consequetive stonepaths with sunscale helmets. However this is not a very attractive option for heroes that don't have strength as a primary stat. Even for tanks this can be a problem, as the strength is inefficent, adding damage to their slow and low damage attacks. The goal with this item is to provide an item that gives armor/hit points and a benefit that stacks with ”reduces damage by X” while not being dependant on strength. Think of this item as a Bastion of Purity compared to Lightbinders equivalence for Stonepath. In addition, it would be a decent alternative for heroes who for whatever reason only want one piece of armor and don't intend to stack more armor, mainly casters.



Scale of Mannoroth

This scale from Mannoroth burns with boundless hate. The owner is granted 14 strength, 250 hit points, 6 armor, 4 hit point regeneration and is permanently engulfed in demonic flames (dealing 15 damage per second to all nearby enemy units).


Made from Vibrant Shard (1450), War Axe (1000), Ring of Regeneration (390) and (730) IP. (3570) in total.


The idea behind this item is to give tank heroes another way to deal damage to units that isn't tied to attack speed/damage/cleave, but rather benefits from survivability. Incase it needs to be said, this item shouldn't stack with itself.


Club of Kor'Gall

Once worn by the cunning and tyrannical ogre lord Kor'Gall, carrying this weapon makes the wielder lash out in rage when harmed. Gives 450 hit points, 8 armor and 65% mana regeneration. In addition every 1500 damage taken by the user releases a slam, dealing 150 damage to enemies in a 200 radius.*


Made from Vibrant Shard (1450), Helm of Energy (1600) and (730) IP. (3780) in total.


Like the Scale of Mannoroth, this item is designed to help tank heroes with damage/feed without relying on auto-attacks, but rather scaling with survivability. In addition it helps with an issue that plague many tank heroes (in my opinion), namely the fact that Helm of Energy doesn't have an upgrade that provides armor. In addition it also helps with the Bronze Shield issue.


In hindsight, making this a weapon might be a bit odd.



Shield of the Champion

Once worn by Anduin Lothar, this mighty bulwark can stop the most dedicated foe. Can be used to give the wielder a temporary chance to stun the opponent with melee attacks*. In addition in grants the wielder 40% chance to block 30 damage, 14 strength and 6 armor.


Made from Vibrant Shard (1450), Hammer (950), Belt of Giants (650) and (730) IP. (3780) in total.


*Not exactly sure how this should look like. Something along the lines of ”50 mana, 45 second cooldown Gives 75% chance to Bash for 1 second for 5 seconds, 5 second cooldown on bash” or perhaps no RNG like ”50 mana, 50 second cooldown, makes the next attack stun the opponent for 1 second”.


So, this item has three purposes. One, provide tanking heroes with more utility/hero control. Two, provide an option for Royal hammer that doesn't require high attack speed. Three, provide another path of itemization for a tank hero who chooses to buy a bronze shield.


This is basically a recycling of my previous idea to make the Royal hammer have an activateable that guarantees that the next attack will procc the stun. The reason it is melee only is fairly obvious, otherwise channeled ultimates won't stand a chance.


Another option could be to make the stun a straight up point and click, like Lightning Stave but single target.



Force Reactive Disk

Crackling with power, this shield is the latest in Gnomish Engineering. Gives 8 armor, 200 hit points and a 80% chance to block 10 damage. In addition, everytime the owner is hit, it has a 10% chance of releasing a bolt of lightning, hitting the attacker for 110 magic damage.


Made from Great Shield (1050), Helmet of Energy (1600), Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (325) and (730) IP. (3705) IP in total.


Think of it as Kurdran's Thunder Shield on an item. Designed to help tankier heroes deal with ranged units and aquire kills. Named after the WoW item with the same name.


Trade-Off Items

These are suggestions for a new type of item, that has better stats, but in return has drawbacks.


Fel Rune

Crafted by Gul'dan, this item enhances the users magical power, but at a cost. Increases intelligence by 16 and mana regeneration by 0.80 but reduces strength by 8.


Made from Enchanted skull (600), Periapt of Vitality (475) and (275) IP. (1350) in total.


Don't get 5 of these. An item designed to give magic users more power in exchange for less health.


Fel Blade

Worn by lesser Doomguards, these corrupted swords strengthen the wielders body at the expense of their mind. Increases Strength by 14, damage by 4 and gives 200 health. Also reduces intelligence by 8.


Made from Halberd (900), Periapt of Vitality (475) and (275) IP. (1650) in total.


This is basically the reverse of the previous item.


Demonic Libram

A foul tome with cursed runes written on human skin, only the truly desperate would seek its power. Gives 38 intelligence, increases mana regeneration by 1.5 and enables the user to cast a Shadow Bolt, dealing 325 damage to a single target (250 mana, 45 second cooldown, 700 range). However it also reduces strength by 26 and hit point regeneration by 4.*


Made from Fel Rune (1350), Mana Blade (1700) and (730) IP. (3780) in total.


*Incase the wording is confusing. This item reduces the stats of the wielder, it's not the shadowbolt that reduces the stats of the target.


A great item to buy 5 examples of. Not sure if the mana regeneration stat would be better off replaced with a % mana regeneration version.



Hope Ender

This blade was once worn by the Doomguard commander Lord Kazzak. It imbues the owner with a fearsome demonic fury that clouds the mind. Increases Strength by 36, damage by 10 and can be used to temporairly increase attack speed by 35% and give 60 health per attack (100 mana, 10 second duration, 30 second cooldown). However it also reduces intelligence by 26 and mana regeneration by 1.


Made from Fel Blade (1650), War Axe (1000), Gauntlets of Ogre Strength (325), and (730) item points. (3705) in total.


Not really any particular purpose for this weapon. Think of it as a good late game alternative/stacking version of Blackrock Champions Axe.



Current Item Balance

Various balance suggestions that didn't fit any other topic.


Lightsteel Shield

This item could be slightly buffed, in particular the damage block part. It strikes me as fairly odd that something that only blocks ranged attacks blocks about the same amount of damage as the items that has a chance to block all attacks. In particular it should have a lower chance to reduce more damage, as the main issue with ranged damage usually isn't a bunch of trolls axing you, but that one monster ZJ/AA-caster throwing 300+ dmg attacks in your face. Perhaps the stat could be changed to something more akin to 35% chance to block 90 ranged damage (25% 70 dmg being roughly equal to the current state and then buffed). I understand if this might be seen as a bit too high variance.


Another alternative could be to also add a flat reduces all ranged damage by X in addition to the chance of block.


Journey's End

This item could be slightly buffed overall, maybe by reducing cooldown and mana cost a little bit. Perhaps something more along the lines of 400 mana and 250 second cooldown?


In addition, the statline is somewhat wonky. The mana regeneration is fine but the large chunk of damage is generally akward as almost every hero with a viable JE build tends to be fairly bad at auto-attacking anyways, being either tank/support heroes or spell heavy casters. In addition, the growth of intelligence and strength/hp scaling on abilities over time have made this an even bigger issue. Items like Aegis Gloves and Loop of the Shieldwall have a much better ”general” statline which enables them to be incorporated in a variety of builds, something similar could be done for Journey's End.


Build changed from Mana Blade (1700), Claymore (1700), Sobi Mask (400) and (730) IP. (4530) in total.


To: Mana Blade (1700), Shaman Claws (1000), Gloves of the Ogre Lord (1000), and (850) IP. (4550) in total.


In return, the statline would be changed to something more like 20 damage, 10 to all stats and mana regeneration/use ability remain the same.


Royal Hammer

This item has fallen out of favor, and I think that's a shame. It has a somewhat unfortunate stat-line. I think it could be slightly remade to fit strength heroes better, and an agility based version added for other heroes. Maybe the stun procc rate could be slightly buffed as well, since many of the more problematic agi carriers will be prone to buying the agility version.


The issue is the large portion of bonus damage on this item. Most strength heroes who use it really need survivability and attack speed rather than more AA damage. AA-heroes who get it similarly usually don't need more damage (although it obviously doesn't hurt). I would suggest leaving the bash aspect the same, but changing the statline to something closer to increases strength by 24, attack damage by 4 and attack speed by 20%. To compensate for this buff, the recipie could be changed from


Ogre Mallet (1250), Hammer (950) and (800) IP. (3000) in total.


To: Ogre Mallet (1250), Hammer (950), Gloves of Haste (500) and (730) IP. (3430) in total.


As with the the suggested Shield of the Champion and/or my previous suggestion for Royal Hammer. An alternative could be to give this item an useable ability that briefly greatly increases/guarantees the next few/single attack to stun.




I really like the tomes and think they were a great addition. That said the cost is a bit high, and perhaps it should be tuned down a bit. Not exactly sure how much is too much. But try with reducing the cost of each tome by (100-200) IP?


Also, what about Hit Point Tomes?


Non-combat Consumables

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating. I think there should be an option to buy a single Clarity Potion/Healing Salve that is immediatly consumed without taking up inventory space. This is because using these items with a full inventory is a hassle.


Maybe a bit excessive, but maybe it should be possible to buy just one of these items? Often, especially with a full inventory I find myself buying a consumable and then using both of them more or less right away because I can't spare the space.


In addition, I wonder if these items, the Clarity Potions in particular are questionable from a balance perspective. They really boost heroes with one or several AoE nukes, enabling them to churn them out, chug Clarity potions and use the AoE to recouperate the IP cost.





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