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Suggestion Thread

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Hello, here are some suggestions compiled by @cell_destroyer and myself, with feedback from people we have played with.


1. Zombies are overpowered as it stands, especially with how quick one can actually become the zombie overlord. We recommend two changes to balance out zombies. First, they should be made to move slower as right now they move very quickly and given how many of them there are, you really don't have much of a chance. Second, the zombie army spawning on capture of cities is ridiculously OP given how many cities are on the map and the fact that any time a city is retaken a zombie army spawns - basically results in infinite zombie armies and snowballing. I think this feature should be removed completely for the sake of balance.


2. Nuclear winter - nuclear winter occurs too fast in this game. I would recommend either having a no nuclear winter mode, or increasing how many nukes it takes for a nuclear winter to occur.


3. Related - are laser turrets or w/e they are called supposed to be able shoot down nukes? If so, it does not appear they actually do shoot nukes down.

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Sorry, didn't see this thread until now!


Yeah, i agree that zombies right now are probably overpowered. I'll reduce the amount of zombies spawned from a city, and reduce the movement speed of some of them slightly. Not exactly sure how to solve the overlord problem, if i add a higher zombie count requirement, the players will just infect more of their own units.. we'll see. Maybe i'll make it more expensive and time consuming.


I'm personally fine with nuclear winter... it's mostly sensitive to when you fire a lot of nukes within a short time span. I might play a few games and test it out.


Laser turrets can shoot down nukes, but you may need more than one of them if the enemy has upgraded his nukes. Also, in a previous patch, they were kinda broken, though that has been fixed now.

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