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The war of Worlds

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New release 1.2.2

☼Damage and others upgrades for all worlds.

☼Terrain balance

☼Minimap ping at start to show good places to build a base

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New release

☼Light air stronger

☼Nerf of some Atlants units

☼Leaderboard with world, player name, income and food used for each players !

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New release

☼Minor balances in the terrain and units

☼Some fix in buildings (description, attacks and other statistics)

☼Trees 4x less ressources, but rocks are 4x more.

☼Amplified ressources quantity


I still follow the project, don't worry about it c:

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The showcase is now up to date with images, descriptions of each worlds with their features (some of them may not be finished yet at the moment) !

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New version 1.3 number 17

I forgot to update here, so i typed the whole changelog from last time.


Global :



☼ Player names are displayed like that : "[Number in the original color of the player] Player name with actual color (World name in the world color)"

☼ Organized Triggers with even more optimizations

☼ Ultimate units have their name in [ ], but are disabled until further versions.

☼ All flying units moves a bit slower.

☼ Income every 25 seconds instead of 30, so the gameplay will be faster.

☼ Stones have sounds when gathered.

☼ Terrain (again) remade. Each worlds are now separated; they have roaming hostile troops to slow down expanding and rushes (from or against the owner) not very hard to crush after a good amount of troops. A portal is placed in the north-east corner of each world.

☼ Worlds are randomly connected after 11 minutes following this logic :



1) groups of 2 worlds are connected. If one world is alone, he's grouped with a random group. Last 8mn.

2) 8mn of closed connections.

3) groups of 3 worlds are connected. If one or two world are alone, they're grouped with a random group. Last 8mn.

4) 8 mn of closed connections...


If the size of groups exceeds half of existing worlds, all worlds are permanently connected.



☼ Once connected, units around the portal can be warped every 10s to the targeted world, appearing around the portal of the other world. It warps only the units of the player (not buildings). The portal can also display the warp range (1000)

☼ Picking a world works is like a mercenary camp instead of a research.

☼ Secondary buildings no longer appears when you pick a world (you just have a town center and the equivalent of 10 workers, depending on the world)

☼ Each world can be picked by two players at max.

☼ If two players have the same world, their food limit is split in half (two brains for the same amount of troops). When ultimate units will be again added, if one player created one, the other cannot build one until it dies. If any of the two players leaves the game or give up, all his units, buildings and ressources are given to the other player.

☼ Gave up or leaving players no longer delete their possessions, they are instead hostile to slow down foe expanding.

☼ Default income is 200, and can never be lower. Each used food decreases the income by 2 (for a minimum of 200 of income).

☼ Lot of heavy air units limited to avoid OP armies.

☼ Bunch of new icons.

☼ Most of the skins and icons compressed, saving almost 200kb.



Atlant :


☼ Changed model for Abyssals, barracks, power plants, prometheans, main building (and his evolutions) and workers.

☼ Most of units can now walk on water

☼ Added scouts, a small exploration vessel for early scouting.

☼ Addes stunner, a splash artillery specialized on neutralizing and defeating groups of light units with a AoE stun at each attacks around the impact.

☼ Prometheans have now the ability prometheus fire, increasing the damage output for few attacks.

☼ Abyssals no longer have an anti-armor attack (it's now normal)

☼ Added Depths Striker, a stronger version of the abyssal, granted by a anti-armor melee attack.

☼ Added bombers, a medium aircraft used as both transport and siege.

☼ Mother ships no longer transport troops. They increase the damage of nearby friendly units.

☼ The Hostility ability is now MUI and revert back the original owner of the target after 20s.



Fantasy :


☼ Colossus Kings replaced by the Elder guardian, able to summons an army of different fantasy troops instead of only knights.

☼ Added Angels in the church, a strong air unit able to resurrect few units in the battlefield.

☼ High mages have now an anti-armor attack, a good mobility, silence, shock-wave and dispel. They no longer spawns golems.

☼ Academies replaced by Mage Towers, with a new model.

☼ Added embassies, able to upgrade into diverse embassies : Elven, dwarf and Giant.

☼ Gryphon riders are stronger and heavier, becoming an anti-armor air unit. They're no longer trained at the air barracks.

☼ Added druids, trained at the Elven embassy. They are good to contain small groups of units in early. Can use sarments and spawn treants.

☼ Added assassins, trained at the Elven embassy. They are light stealth units using poison to destroy easily light organic foes.

☼ Added Dragon roosts, unlocking dragons at the sky barracks.

☼ Dwarven embassies can train Gryphons and riflemen. You can research range for riflemen and the 4rth building HP upgrade.

☼ Riflemen are cheap and strong at distance, but cannot me massed much due to high food cost (2 for each riflemen), so they can be used in a pinch when the base is under attack.

☼ Air barracks trains now a new unit : the Pegasus scout. It's a light air unit which attacks at medium range.

☼ Farms can be upgraded into Elven farms (+ income, food and gold limit, - resistance) or dwarven banks (++ income and gold limit, NULL food and gives gold to the owner of the destroyer of the bank).

☼ Dragons renamed into minor dragons. Eating is faster.

☼ Added Major dragons, unique flying beasts in 3 version : Fire (splash and siege), Ocean (long ranged and support) and Tempest (offensive). They can be trained at the dragon roost.





☼ Junkyard added, giving you refund for dead units, or mechanical killed units available at the world where it's build.

☼ Added armored infantry, a variant of the tesla infantry, effective against light units.

☼ Added Imperial ships, strong and armored air units with slow but high firepower.

☼ Added Academies, training and upgrading engineers and officers.

☼ Officers are effective against light units. They boost the damage of nearby allied units.

☼ Engineers can now cast chain lightning, targeting many units at once yet with low damage. They are no longer upgraded and trained at the factory.

☼ added steam tank, cheap enough to be massed and used into absorbing damage in frontlines. They have a independant auto-attack against nearby ground units. They can be upgraded to MK2 steamtanks. They are build at the factory.

☼ Added scorpion tanks which can jump over cliffs to pursue and destroy air units. They cast a swarm of tesla at each attack against air units, making it effective against them. They can be upgraded to MK2 scorpion tanks.

☼ Mines can be upgraded to greater mines to increase the income (it's better to build new mines until you lack of space).

☼ Generators can be upgraded to greater generators increasing their gold and food limit.

☼ Added Chemical artillery, effective at both taking down buildings and organic units with gas weapons.

☼ Added researches at the laboratorium, required for many other technologies : Mechanical, chemical, aeronautics and tesla enginering.

☼ Flying fortress renamed into Dreadnoughts.



Modern :


☼ AA towers changed to Sam sites

☼ Rocket platform attacks faster.

☼ Model changed for generals. Their Gatling is replaced by air-strikes. Build now at the Vehicle plant and no longer build at the barrack or the HQ.

☼ Added scout vehicles, they have a light machinegun and can transport few infantry units. Build at the Vehicle plant.

☼ Added supply trucks, increasing armor, life and mana regeneration. Build at the Vehicle plant.

☼ Added field artillery, a ground siege weapons used for long ranged support against foe artillery or towers. Build at the Vehicle plant.

☼ Tanks renamed into Main Battle Tanks

☼ AA vehicles renamed to Armored Rocket Vehicle.

☼ Factory renamed Vehicle Plant.

☼ Changed model for military bases and forts.

☼ Stealth bomber added, effective against buildings and isolated targets. They are build at the Airfield.

☼ Sniper teams are now permanently invisible.

☼ Transport helicopters added, able to carry vehicles (assault helicopters don't). They are build at the Airfield.

☼ Old refineries renamed into Oil pumps. They give less and less income the time passing until a low point.

☼ Laboratories no longer have available fuel-based upgrades.

☼ Composits have two tiers. The strength of the upgrade depends on the affected unit (high for Main battle tank, artilleries and heavy vehicles, small for aircrafts and light vehicles)

☼ Refineries added, increasing the income of all oil pumps. Contains fuel-based upgrades.

☼ Civil buildings deleted, replaced by bigger towns. Small towns is the Tier one, evolving into medium town, large town, metropolis and large metropolis, increasing a lot the provided food. They no longer provides gold limit.

☼ Added malls, giving income depending on the numbers and the tier of towns, replacing very well and better than old depleted oil pumps.

☼ Added storage buildings, increasing a lot the gold limit.

☼ Due to the high number of buildings, modern workers can now morph to modern workers 2, changing the build list. These can also morph back to the first version. Both morphs are instant and free.

☼ Workers no longer gathers (they can still build and repair). They get a team colored helmet.

☼ Added bulldozers, an expensive yet effective gatherer.

☼ Assault helicopters no longer upgrades to Anti-tank helicopters.

☼ Sniper teams can now lay mines. They become permanently cloaked.

☼ Headquarters no longer have nukes and mana.

☼ Nuke silo added, which replace the deleted nuke ability of the headquarter. They cannot be massed like HQs.



Primitives :


☼ Diggers can now be manually trained (for a price) at the main building or burrows in parallel of the automatic spawning. They no longer build nor repair. Trained Diggers are independent from their original building and other diggers, so they don't count for the digger spawn limit. Both summoned and trained diggers still cost food.

☼ Added slaves, doing a regular worker job but are a bit too expansive to effectively replace the gathering force of diggers.

☼ Added drakes, a strong air unit trained at Dinosaurs nests effective at taking down other air units.

☼ Burrows are no longer used as a drop-off building and no longer give income. His model is changed. They can be upgraded to greater burrows, increasing the provided food and gold limit.

☼ Added carriers, a slow turtle used as a wandering wood depot. Have a weak attack to somewhat adding some dps if the base is under attack.

☼ Added sacrificial pits, training and upgrading farseers and warlocks.

☼ farseers have a strong attack against armored units, and is specialized on neutralizing big foes with his stasis fields. Can detect invisible foes once upgraded. Can also cast detection powder.

☼ Warlocks are strong offensive support casters, using corpses and sacrifice to heal and to increase the damage output of allies.

☼ Barricades can be upgraded into primitive towers, not very tough but granting a good ranged attack. Can get poisoned arrows.

☼ Added gatherer's huts, increasing the income once build. They can be upgraded to Slaughterhouses or Storage pits.

☼ Slaughterhouses gives a lot of income, but costs one food.

☼ Storage pits don't give income (the buildings gives at the end 0 of income) but increases quite well the gold limit.



Insects :


☼ Changed model for Workers, renamed into drones

☼ Added overlords, increasing the food limit. They can get vision once upgraded and transport troops. They are trained at primal matriarchs.

☼ Leviathans no longer transports troops.

☼ Mushroom farms no longer provide food and gold limit. Their income slowly raise over time.

☼ Added Warrior breeders, containing unit's mutations. Evolutions chambers no longer contain unit mutations (they still keep their basic available upgrades)

☼ Farms, warrior dens, spitter's lair, evolutions chambers and warrior breeders are now invisible and no longer have a solid path on the ground (units can walk over)

☼ Queens can now detect once upgraded. They spawns warriors and transpiercers instead of eggs.

☼ 8 tiers of technology, each of them have to be researched at the primal breeder but sacrifice it once done.

☼ Transpiercers can be upgraded to hunter-killers

☼ Spitters can be upgraded to Dissolvers

☼ Added Ambushers, a stealth warrior very strong at taking down casters. Lack of strength against buildings.

☼ Warchiefs no longer have a splash attack, but get a single stronger one. They get a new model.

☼ Added Chargers, a bulky melee beetle, effective at absorbing front damage and crushing light units with his cleaving anti-mass attack.

☼ Added Flyers, a light air unit with bouncing attacks.

☼ Queens limited to 5, so they won't be too OP when spawning additional troops.

☼ Added storage pits, a wood depot. They can be upgraded into storage worms.

☼ Drones no longer build storage worms, they build storage pits instead.

☼ New model for the Goliath.




Myth :


☼ Shadow model changed

☼ God renamed into Greek God of Destruction.

☼ Balistas renamed into polybolos, they are now anti-mass units.

☼ Siege towers renamed into Heleopolis.

☼ Temples have three modes : one with trainable/summonable/castable features, one with deity picking and the last one for researches. The First evolves instantly to the second, the second to the third and the third to the first to quickly switch the desired mode.

☼ Each deity gives passive bonus and/or available researches/abilities. Picking one deity disable the previous one, so only one effect can be activated at once. The player start with no active deity until he picks his first. A replaced deity can still be worshiped again, but then disabling the previous one.

☼ Priests added. They can cast Zeus thunder, bless(increases armor to a unit) and benediction (AoE heal).

☼ Houses no longer provides gold limit and income.

☼ Added markets, increasing the income when build.

☼ New models for minotaurs and citizens.

☼ Minotaurs are now a anti-mass unit. They are no longer trained at the barracks and are reverted back when they can be summoned at the temple.

☼ Added a new mythic unit (can be summoned like others mythic units at the temple), a melee monster which can go into water. It also get a correct ranged anti-air attack, targeting multiple air foes at once.

☼ Oracles no longer casts benediction and zeus thunder. They instead can curse foes (less precision and movement speed).

☼ Added gastaphretes, a heavy crossbowman effective at taking down armored foes. They are trained at the barracks.

☼ Heroes nerfed.



Spirits :


☼ Spirits are slower to train, but gather a bit faster.

☼ Stone watchers added, a strong AA tower which can summons Stone flyers.

☼ Added Stone Flyers, a good anti-air air unit.

☼ Chaos searchers have a weaker Anti-air attack.



Scify :



☼ Warehouses replaced by storage units, more expensive but increases the gold limit.

☼ Added heavy walkers, an armored siege unit.

☼ Added Science vessels, able to heal mechanical units, detect stealth ennemies and dispel mana.

☼ New models for Spectres.

☼ Artillery no longer have a siege attack against building (they keep their regular anti-mass against buildings).

☼ Cyber ninjas have a new model and are permanently invisible.



Oriental Hybrid :


☼ Changed model for suburbs, university, school of fire, school of glass, guild of the sun and sand ranger.

☼ Suburbs no longer give gold limit. They can be upgraded up to 4 tiers (starts at tier 1) (+55, +40, +26, +15). Each tier increases also the food limit by one.

☼ Added Vaults, expensive but increases a lot the gold limit (+500).

☼ Added Reapers (or Shinobi), a strong stealth warrior with several abilities : blink, reap (destroys 3/4 of the HP left of an organic unit), rebirth (steal the hp of an ally unit, while killing it instantly and blinking to his position), hypercutter (deal damage in a thin but long line) and evasion (~55%)


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The map is being updated for the 1.29.2 !

☼ More optimizations

☼ Jass Merging

☼ 20 players !

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New Version 1.3 Alpha 32
☼ Huge optimization : vJASS conversion, trigger merging, faster groups loops.
☼ Unused worlds have their units and ressources deleted for better performance.
☼ Interface improvements
☼ Few new units, to compensate some strategy issues.
☼ Units are warped 4 by 4.

► Ultimate units still disabled, but some mechanics are prepared for future updates.
► Reboot still disabled

The last version is on ENT.

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