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Warcraft III & Custom Maps


  1. General Warcraft Discussion

    Talk about the game we all love here, as well as custom maps old and new alike!
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  4. Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn

    This is a strategy map set during the events of WC3 that remakes and refines the old Azeroth Wars game.
  5. Coming of the Horde

    Recreate the Horde's invasion of Azeroth and Lordaeron, in this map created by BronzeKnee.
  6. The Third War

    Formerly known as Azeroth Wars Genesis, The Third War is a 12 player strategy map made by Sukramo. The map plays much like Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn but with an increased focus on Second Chances and shifting Alliances more akin to Lordaeron the Aftermath.
  7. Warcraft: Total War

    90 Heroes across 30 factions. Warcraft: Total War offers uniquely balanced gameplay that allows for any combination of equal number opponent's (ex. 1v1, 2v2, 6v6 are all viable). The Faction swapping system offers a new twist on sandbox style gameplay where anything can end happening!
  8. Lordaeron: The Aftermath

    Originally a project by Marshmalo, SvnmS and Sunfall, now edited by Draupne and Krotos. Wage war across the lands of Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and Outland as you uncover the events of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft!
  9. World Domination

    Battle your enemies with tanks, nuclear weapons, and zombie viruses in this diplomatic sandbox game of world conquering. Now with AI! By Mizmoon.
  10. Alternate Future Advance

    Start in the year 1947 and navigate your geopolitical force in a bid for planetary supremacy. By RedBaron4850
  11. Killing Spree

    Hero co-op survival game where up to 6 players fight through 45 levels of enemy waves and 5 insane boss battles. Take control of 1 of 22 unique heroes and enter the arena with a total of 1, 10, 30, 50, or 100 lives that you and your team must defend from the enemy. Each wave spawns 10 units per active player, keeping it balanced and fun for any number of players. Players must buy, combine, and upgrade items to increase damage, health, and armor to increase their chances of survival. Boss fights in the game are actual boss fights and will challenge players during the encounters. There are many challenges and obstacles standing in the way of you achieving your Killing Spree. Do you have what it takes to succeed?