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My apologies for the brief hiatus in the posting of chapters during my holiday, so as a late Christmas gift you'll be receiving not 2, but 4 whole chapters of the guide this week ūüôā¬†The next 2 chapters will arrive already in the coming weekend.

This is the 7th Chapter in the series Chronicles of Westeros by me, Assassin88, about the map Roberts Rebellion by Kaptajn_Snaps. The chapter is yet another quick-to-read, but very detailed description of the colour GRAY "House Stark" on Team Rebels. It covers the following topics:

- A faction Overview

- Imporant Events

- Notable Buildings, Units & Items

- Upgrade Priority

- Heroes & Spell Priorities
- Control Grouping at game start
- Initial Tactics
- Mid/Late-Game Tactics
- Common Mistakes

- Personal Advice/Comments/Tips

Each of these small quick-to-read faction-guides should be incredibly useful to any newcomer to the map, but would surely also benefit the more experienced player, even if they have played the map countless times. I hope you will give it a read!

Furthermore, thanks to the artist Nikita Abukomov for the poster used as a thumbnail. 

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