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  2. Been there done that I had quite a few games where my teammate left cause i bullied him and then i won the game nonetheless and not just in wc3
  3. I'd like to try this again if everyone in the group is at least level 34. We can get the key and open up the other wings. Come with your gear repaired, bags empty and food buffs. If we reach the RSVP limit, please comment in this event with your name, class and role and we'll sub you in if someone doesn't show up.
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  5. Gustav Mahler



    I mostly heal but can probably dps SFK fine.
  6. You're right about it often going slower since you have to do the cleanup. An opponent have gathered his entire army and it can be wiped out in a single fight. When he's left, all the creeping and small squads of units everywhere does delay significantly. This is something that can hit you hard if you become very greedy after one of your opponents leave the game. You often see a super quick, overly ambitious rush to try and take as many creeps and territory as possible which leaves you overextended and vulnerable. Those kinds of rushes splits your focus up in many places which can also slow you down. Those rushes often loose momentum after a while and just sits AFK while you're doing the things you're suppose to, like managing your economy & tech.
  7. Warmonger



    damage or heal depending on how soon we run it
  8. Gustav Mahler


    Come run Shadow Fang Keep as a guild.
  9. One issue that I personally consider important in this scenario is that a leaver will irrevocably alter the pace of the fight in question. In an actual fight you tend to get a lot of experience and battles tend to be more decisive. When you're fighting a leaver, you end up stuck doing a lot of creeping and mostly cleaning bases. That tends to be slow, doesn't yield as much experience and you end up being distracted when the actual fights start. It is easy to say how to counter it, but I find it very hard to get back on track once the tense expectation of a challenging match evaporates.
  10. Phoneposting so I can't get too elaborate but yeah I agree with you. I think the Leaver trap is even more significant in LoTR maps like BFME and in Roberts Rebellion, where even a 10% change in your attitude or application usually results in a series of mistakes or mishandling heroes / units that cause a dominoes effect and end up killing any advantage you have
  11. Something I'd like to discuss a bit is something I've coined as the "Leaver's Trap". It's when one of your opponents left the game and you as a player begin to play completely different than you had in mind. You begin to get greedy, relax your concentration, play less serious and become slower. This gives an opportunity for the opponent playing against you despite being one player down. As a result, despite you having the advantage of playing against one less player, the phychological effect made such a difference that it may cause you to lose the game. This is an phenomenon I have observed for years in both myself and in others while playing Azeroth Wars. This is interesting to discuss since we now have systems that tries to better take care of players who have left the game. In the past you had to manage both factions, which often results in taking the strongest parts of both factions and merging them together into a very strong squad of 48 - 84 units. Now you can't do that since you can never train any other faction's unit or research their upgrades. The tradeoff is that you get buildings under your own faction, the control points, resources and experience. If you're one player down, you don't mix the factions, you either take a path like Night Elves got or you use the extra resources to make your factions army stronger a lot faster. In my opinion, it's easier nowadays to play with one player down, even without the access to their elites and heroes. If you practice playing a game with one player down, the "Leaver's Trap" may give you a chance to have a great game. Also, since there are Second chance factions available at minute 22-24, players are more likely to try to fight rather than to leave just like their ally did. It's currently really difficult to play with one player down as Frostwolf, Warsong, Stormwind and Legion. But with all other factions, there's at least some increased chance of winning if your opponent falls into the Leaver's Trap. If you're Scourge without a Legion player, a Dwarves without a Stormwind player and such, then you have time to adapt and overcome the odds. If one of your opponents leave the game, what should someone do to not fall into the Leaver's Trap? Don't let it affect you, stick to the plan you already had before the game started and execute it. Don't play greedy, don't relax your concentration, pretend that the player was still there. With one less opponent, your strategy should be even more likely to succeed.
  12. I also just have to say this. THE TANKS WERE ON FINANCE! OKAY! It's not my fucking fault, High Command didn't want them damaged so soon after delivery!
  13. I literally don't understand what this title means. Unless this is the production of the first ever literal diplo porno.
  14. Come out and have a blast free tabletop simulator giveaway at the end
  15. It feels a little short though. I don't know, maybe that's just me wanting more Praet.
  16. Bors has actually been working for the SS the whole time. Very deep undercover.
  17. I've skimmed through, can't wait to read the whole thing!
  18. Another great Praetorian, Bors.
  19. Abdel

    Scarlet Monastery runs

    Going to run SM Graveyard and Library this Monday. Minimum level requirement for library is level 29 so ideally everyone should be at least that level by Monday. In addition, due to lack of summons and the walk distance, everyone should also have the southshore flight path as I'd like to run the set of dungeons around Scarlet Monastery as much as possible in the 30-40 level range.
  20. Why, Bors? Why? Also I thought you played brits, whoever put you in charge of the yanks is to blame.
  21. Lordsebas

  22. Version 2.0b

    1 download

    Risk Reforged is a large-scale RTS map based on the RISK board game. It features 20+ unit types and tens of different gameplay/diplomacy modes. Start in a random country and conquer neighbours to gain more income. The country income is equal to the amount of cities in the country. Use your diplomacy skills to create short term alliances, betray your allies, use other players as your pawns Fight and dominate the whole Europe
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