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  2. To provide an argument anyways, I wouldn't make workers or heroes cost food for the cases where players are trying to bring themselves back from the brink of death. It wouldn't be very fun if I couldn't revive my heroes or train a worker just because I don't have enough food, when I may be in a situation where it's difficult or impossible to get more food in a timely fashion.
  3. I hope the gaming industry eventually circles back to custom gaming and a community focus. Right now there's too much money to be made with microtransactions though. If people play custom games all day, then there's less opportunity to sell skins and heroes, and the devs working on the main mode have less of a reason to be kept on. It's part of the reason the RTS genre has died off because no one could figure out how to adapt it to modern business models and markets.
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  5. the fact you think there is a shred of professionalism in this place is AMUSING
  6. I always used light theme on diplo because i don t sit in the fucking dark basement for it to fuck my eyesight and have my brightness at normal settings like A NORMAL FOOOKIN PERSON
  7. Nothing nearly so revolutionary. There's a button above the mini-map you can click on to get a visualization of all Artifacts in the game and who owns them. If the Artifact is on the ground, you can instead ping it. No more Artifact hiding! Ideally I will also be bundling this with an item sinking prevention for a better overall experience with important items.
  8. Two things is happening in 2.11 Legion overhaul and "Artifact Menu". There's a thread that explans the overhaul in detail but no information about what Artifact menu really means. 1. Will players be able to buy powerful items? 2. Will it cost a lot of gold or will you be able to combine items? 3. Any new item ideas being considered? I like the idea of combining items, finding different ingredients here and there and then making strong items. Make more unique item shops like the one in Zandalar and require a player to buy certain things from it to make strong items.
  9. No, i disagree. A small change affecting a bigger force has more balance implications than a single mid to high force. Let me explain it with completly hypothetical numbers: C'thun is a 18 power level Horde is 18 together. (9 for each player) The fight is still equal here. but instead, if we have: horde 18 south alliance 24 (9 per player + 6 from draenei) then we have a definite power difference that wasn't present before. The main problem is not wheter an enemy appears or not, but if an enemy has overwhelming power, which is what could happen if a third player joined the South Alliance + their tiers.
  10. About time, for a moment i thought i would have died of old age after a peaceful life , now i can finally achieve my dream of bleeding to death on a battlefield. Americans went from the greatest nation of the earth to a shadow of it, shitting on the intentions of the founding fathers by costantly giving power to the federal government (istitution of the FBI, sediction act, patriot act etc..) . American propaganda did quite a number on convincing citiziens it was all for "muh security and freedomz", while in fact it was a costant push to set the basis for tools of censorship/espionage (NSA) or dominion/murder (mk ultra, tuskgee experiment, operation northwood, op mockingbird).
  11. https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/americans-conflicted-views-of-british-royal-family-monarchy/ The times they are a changing in your ol' neck, me boyo.
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  13. Death squads, government or otherwise, are pretty much a staple in Latin America.
  14. What affects the balance more? Sudden solo factions appearing out of thin air and attacking you or one of your enemies having an extra mini-ally? If you're Horde and you just finished NIght Elves, I think C'thun is a much bigger impact on the balance than South Alliance having one extra small ally. Same could be applied to any of the solo factions and their invasion plans. If you're Lordaeron it must suck a lot when Rise of the Ashes suddenly appear in Quel'Thalas while you're fighting Fel Horde. I would argue that this is worse than a supportive mini ally on the enemy side. It's something worth thinking about. Perhaps we've already added things that affects the balance far more than a tiny ally?
  15. I like parts of the idea, but there are a number of concerns that stop me from wanting to do it: first, It buffs the power level of a faction by a good bunch. This means that: 1. i have to make C'thun, Fel horde and Naga way stronger to be able on equal strength as 3 man teams, and 2 It's a problem because i am working on a big overhaul system that will buff all factions by quite a bit from now, this makes me wary of the power curves. Second, it would happen too often that 2 winners fight, but 1 had his enemy ally with him and the other not, making the fight unbalanced. Example: Night Elves win, no one allies them. South Alliance wins, they get an additional ally, they fight is then skewed towards South Alliance, where it wouldnt be before. What i like from the idea is introducing minor factions that can ally in second chance. That will enable us to introduce factions that would never be possible as a full faction, i will think about it.
  16. Yup. Using "Exodus to Theramore" as Jaina, which can only be done when the Violet Citadel is lost, will grant Theramore, Kul'tiras and Admiral Proudmoore. It doesn't matter what the alliance setup is in this case.
  17. I'm a little confused. So even if Quel'Thalas stays in North Alliance and Dalaran loses it's city Dalaran, you can still get the hero Admiral Proudmoore?
  18. Exactly. At the end of it, it might be a 4vs4 with the whole map still at war. You can also go even more crazy creative with the faction ideas. These factions could for example be limited to max 100 food. You could create a worgen faction specialized in assasinating heroes. You could create goblin faction specialized at "investing money" which 2 minutes later comes back as 125% of the invested gold and then be an economic ally. You could create a Zandalar faction that's specialized in navy warfare. You could create a Dark Iron faction good at combining items to make stronger items or be good at dealing lots of fire damage.
  19. I really like it, honestly. Second Chances as they stand are in a weird design space where they have to start off quite powerful in order to gain enough of a threshold to survive, which makes keeping them down incredibly annoying for victorious players. If some were required to have an ally they could be much weaker and participate in the primary conflict rather than relying on their underdog status. Perhaps we could see late game conflicts where defeated players congregate into the winning teams, resulting in a larger grand conflict at the end.
  20. I also prefer [Level 2] on upgraded abilities. It's a good quality of life improvement. I can't think of any ability that gets upgraded a 3rd time except for Paladin's pulverize.
  21. In almost all cases the tooltips fixed contained incorrect information. The errors were found based on a report provided by Lunelune. Yup, that's the ideal and I've done it for a few tooltips; Ensnare and Pulverize come to mind. My preference is for (Level x) to be displayed for those abilities. Anything remaining is just because I haven't gotten to it yet.
  22. When you say tooltip fixes, I assume it's just updating abilities to show the correct values and grammar. Something I'd like to suggest in the future is to have a name distinction to when abilities get upgraded. For example when Fel Horde chooses Fel Orc Mastery which upgrades his Charge! and Bloodlust, I'd like to see the name also display [Level 2] or "Improved" next to it. There's plenty of abilities that gets upgraded by masteries on Dwarves, Dalaran, Quel'Thalas, Scourge and etc.
  23. In the future there's going to be more "second chances" added into the game. However, there's only a few ideas left that makes sense to have as a solo faction. There are lots ideas that only makes sense if the second chance faction is an ally to someone else already playing. These allies would have limits on it's max strength and be pushed into supportive & utility roles. Weak, but useful. Scourge & Legion - Satyrs Lordaeron, Dalaran and High Elves - Gilneas Worgen (North Alliance) *Only if High Elves choose to go Naga Sentinels & Druids - Draenei on Azuremyst Isle & Bloodmyst Isle Frostwolf & Warsong - Goblins Stormwind & Dwarves - Gilneas Worgen (South Alliance) or - Dark Iron Clan Fel Horde - Dark Horde / Blackrock or - Outland Demons + Portals In this format, the faction must first win the starting fight for their extra ally to be unlocked. So if you're Horde for example, you must destroy Feathermoon, Darnassus and capture Nordrassil to unlock Goblin ally option. These are just some ideas worth exploring more but I believe that the general concept is the right step forward. Idea explanation: Gilneas Worgen will have 2 options on who to be allied with, only one can be picked. You either pick South Alliance or North Alliance as your ally. Dark Iron Clan can be developed into a separate mini faction with a larger base inside Blackrock Mountain. The Explorer's Hall option would of course be replaced with something else such as Gelbin Mekkatorque or Brann Bronzebeard choices. Goblins would get the base Kezan, Ratchet and perhaps Bilgewater Port in Azshara's Coast. Heroes would be Tradeprince Gallywix and Gazlowe. Would be a faction focused on compound interest rates, mercantilism and bombs. Blackrock Mountain could have another orc base inside the Dungeon. You could make another orc base in Twilight Highlands, Dragonmaw Port. The other option would be to give your mini ally a Demon faction that's only about using demonic portals and demons from Outland.
  24. General Bloodpact has been removed, pending a ground up re-implementation Items will correctly drop upon leaving if they are droppable, in addition to being dropped on death Balance Rexxar's Toughness minimum damage no longer scales with ability level Techtree fixes Arathor Flagship can build Lighthouses and Naval Outposts Frostwolf can only take one caster Path Fel Horde Dragonmaw Clan can train 2 Ancient Black Dragons Burning Legion correctly receives techtree modifications when the Legion is summoned by someone else Icon changes Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Doomhammer Bug fixes Resolved a reference memory leak that occurred when a unit changed ownership Thunderlizard Diamond correctly displays current ability cooldown Tooltip fixes Footman All Shipyards Barracks Abomination Ghoul Skeleton Archer Frost Wyrm Necromancer Crypt Fel Stalker Acute Senses Mo'arg Constitution Chaos Temple Silver Hand Squire Scarlet Crusader Scarlet Battlemage Tirasian Archer Militia Earth Golem Mage Armor Fleet Commander Blood Mage Spell Breaker Granite Golem Warlock & Fel Warlock Kodo Beast Frostwolf Grunt Tauren Pulverize Warsong Grunt Stonemaul Soldier Archer (Sentinel) Nightblade Huntress Shadowleaf Sentinel Priestess Trapper Keeper of the Grove Goldrinn Aessina Ursoc Explorer Machine Factory Chaplain Swordsman Shattered Hand Executioner Fel Orc Raider Fel Orc Grunt Horde Cavalry Eredar Warlock
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