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  2. I'm using the term identity politics to refer to the well known and well established phenomenon of identity politics. You're welcome to deconstruct the concept, but it's not a conversation I'm interested in. I find the term useful as a means of referring to specific behavior patterns in modern US politics. Unsurprisingly, even Wikipedia provides an adequate and informative explanation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identity_politics I'm not sure what you're getting at with the Marxian "understanding of the self". I'm not a fan of Maoism or third-worldist theories, or the various pseudo-marxist philosophy-meets-politics theories that have surfaced mostly in the west over the past 50 years around things like women's movements or ethnic minority-based movements. Marx, in terms of questions of the self, dealt with alienation produced by the estrangement of individuals from the direct fruits and impact of their labor. Are you getting at the "species-being" concept? Gattungswesen? Anyways, and obviously so, the economic identity is primary, or should be, if people want to realize their true self interest. The rest is an attempt to distract people, while the money goes into the pockets of those paying attention the economic side. Ok you lost me completely. Initially I assumed "rainbow capitalism" was just your personal slang for LGBT movements in a liberal-democratic society of late stage capitalism. But now you're using it like it's a specific term. Can you explain what exactly you mean by it? I agree that identity politics is a red herring constructed by moneyed power, with the important difference that I think they really want identity politics to succeed, as long as they remain political and focused on narrow group-based social and political expression, and leave major economic factors (like the death of the middle class) alone. Except I don't think it's ultra conservatives. I think ultra conservatives may have coined the term to describe a set of phenomena that they don't like, but I think it's the more forward thinking part of the capitalist upper class (the Mark Zuckerberg's if you will) that really support it. I think that identity politics are a great way to distract the working class of the erosion of their social, and economic, gains made in the 20th century, and a great way to distract and scare the middle class, while it slowly gets annihilated by the continued growth of wealth inequality in the US especially. I'm having a hard time understanding what specifically you are referring to with "social oppression" in the "digital reproduction of culture". Can you provide some specific real world examples of what you mean? The change from capitalism to communism is the same as the change of any other modes of production from one and into the other. You can't take a society of cannibals and build communism. It doesn't work. So just to be clear, are you arguing in favor of simultaneous world revolution? Or against it? As for subaltern classes, we've seen plenty of peasant revolutions leading into state socialism. What has been the ultimate outcome? The fall of the USSR and the rise of capitalist China? No thank you. It takes an advanced feudal society to transition into a capitalist one (not to be confused with small portions of capitalist economic being grafted on to a feudal or even pre-feudal society as a means of efficiently extracting a limited quantity of valuable resources). It takes an advanced capitalist society to transition into communism. Until we see capitalism run its full course, we will not see communism. And there is no guarantee or inherent requirement that revolution be the only way of getting there. Look at the transition from feudalism to capitalism in, for example, the Netherlands. Your first Marx quote is great and very relevant, about less and more developed countries and the contradictions between them. Its great because to Marx the idea of a less developed country that nonetheless can "get there" is.... Germany. Not jungle tribes in Siam. I hope this clarifies where I stand. I'm sorry it took me a while to respond but this required time to properly go through, and I've been short on that lately. Let me know what you think.
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  4. Can we first come to an understanding of what "identity" is? It seems like you're using it as a broad cover-all for all behaviors outside of heteronormativity, which doesn't really work toward any deeper understanding of the phenomenon. If we can instead use a related word in terms of the history of psychology, let's discuss "the self". How is the Marxian understanding of the self constructed in capitalist society built along anything other than economic lines? Rainbow capitalism isn't the same as gender or sexual identity. "Identity politics" is a made-up schema, a red-herring constructed by reactionaries with very specific agendas. It's a mask used to hide the shame of not being able to reconcile theory and reality in the ultra-capitalist world in which we now live, where social oppression takes ever new and insidious forms in alignment with the digital reproduction of culture. Sure. Here are three encyclopedia articles which break things down rather very well, with good sources: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/identity/ https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/colonialism/#PosColThe https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/game-theory/ Simultaneous world revolution isn't the same thing as spontaneous world revolution. Waiting around for the world to change isn't going to affect the change Marx envisioned. He understood well that the international character of capitalism meant its overturning would require an international rising up of the subaltern classes.
  5. What's important here is what lines these identities are not economic in nature. They are not even really political in nature, though they are politicized, typically for narrow single-issue purposes. I.e. they obscure true and fundamental economic interest under political and social identity politics that help divide the working class, and keep the middle class busy, while the upper class continues to get wealthier and wealthier at their expense. Mass action of LGBTQ individuals is mass action. What's your point? Mass action can occur along many different lines. None of it addresses the concerns I have with the trajectory society is taking or the giant red herring role that identity politics are playing in modern day America. I definitely don't have time to watch two lengthy videos. If you have the same information in text form that would be appreciated. As for Steel Man Bad... it's a complex subject. If you recognize the difficulty of simultaneous world revolution (something I find rather unlikely) then you have to have some sympathy for the concept of socialism in a single given country.
  6. So real fun fact is that despite all of this shit that went down. Warcraft 3: Reforged still has a skeleton crew working on it and they don't intent to live up to the promises they once so boldly made, instead all I am reading and hearing from Blizzard are excuses and blaming their fanbase for being disappointed at their shit. This isn't how the gaming community works, this might be a business but a business should be done right, unless you do right by your consumer they won't do right by you. Apparently Blizzard has forgotten the golden rule that the client is always right. People who love Diablo should be worried since it is the next major Blizz release. What this game really needs is another year of work and a dedicated team of professionals to bring back what was promised. Then and only then it might be worth 30 euro. Now it is worse than the original so the ratings are well deserved. Dissapointing. I would say Blizzard and Activision's days are numbered.... and after all they put us through the last thing they deserve is the peace of death!
  7. Greece 1.7g released. See the attachment to download. Greece 1.7g.w3x
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  9. Welcome aboard comrade Yezhov.
  10. That's the problem of the country and it's laws for consentual agreement. If someone was hit below age of consent then it is kinda considered rape or the other things listed in wikipedia link that u send me. I ain't gonna go rectifying laws with a gun in hand this ain't a wild west movie. Although on another note most politicians and political groups around the world do deserve the fire squad treatment.
  11. Almohads
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  13. No 6v6 plz if no good players. Reserving France btw
  14. What if someone were to hit them earlier then that? You know, as a substitute for life.
  15. Wasn't really trying to dodge the question but I've seen the term used in few other situations out of this current context. Anyway in my country Bulgaria the age of consent should be 14. Although personally I think it should be at least 18. As I said before except a big shlong, a beautiful mountain valley and an exquisite fiery forge a brain is required and in reality most people start to think for themselves when life hits them. Usually between the age of 18-24.
  16. I'm not sure if you are genuinely unfamiliar with the phrase "age of consent" or if you are carefully dodging the question. Either way, here you go; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_consent
  17. It would depend on what's your angle for asking. There are various benefits with coming of age such as driving a car, freely drinking alchohol, now being able to legitimately become a criminal with a criminal record and various other fun things. Also sadly most of those things require a good head on your shoulders, something which just coming of age can't achieve.
  18. Welcome to diplo. What is your stance on the age of consent?
  19. Holy off-topic Batman! Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, I'm impressed by both the tangential relevance and the utterly unexpected direction. As for Orwellian freedom, I'm not sure that concept in and of itself has any particular meaning. Typically the adjective "Orwellian" refers to an anti-utopia or dystopia of some sort. Anyways, this deserves a detailed reply, and I will try to provide one later today.
  20. Since Orwellian freedom is so important to you, let's talk about Gramscian subalternity and the impossibility of simultaneous, worldwide revolution without the full mass of the oppressed classes working in tandem. The goal of socialist liberation is not the selective liberation of rainbow capitalism, but that doesn't preclude or in any way obfuscate the reality that has been the mass action of LGBTQIA+ individuals. "Identity" is an ancient notion of sameness, and the current conversations swirling around sexual and gender identity are rooted in post-modernist notions of the self as a reflected by and in society writ large. Due to this apparent dissimilarity, the identity of identity (i.e. with itself) is at issue. Here's two fun videos on some of this topic in context: P.S. Habermas is not a particularly good marxist, as great he is as a Marxian historian. Read Wickham instead. (Also surely you must know about the turning of the '68ers and the whole discourse following the decline and fall of soviet imperium. So I won't touch that, but I will say that steel man was bad.)
  21. Are you an old garena player by chance?
  22. You should have said you were Tirion Fordring from the start lol
  23. Hey! I am known in-game as Avroth or previously as TirionFordring in garena. I've played warcraft for many, many years! I reckon I can still call myself an old UoS member despite me being away for about 2 years now. You can probably find me in most Eras Zombie Invasion lobbies, I also like RTS maps like DAoW, Azeroth Wars and maps related to war3 lore overall. Nice to be here! Cheers!
  24. Captain draft pick Captains pick players from available pool (QUICKLY) Captains pick colours from available pool (QUICKLY) Usually teams would go to seperate channels for max 2-3 mins so captain could lay out plan and teams could memorize which colours to ally in beginning of game Pause as game starts so everyone who needs to ally does so If done properly is less than 10 minutes set up which isn't so bad and adds to the fun. Very difficult with Reforged UI though so discord would be better - however - everyone needs to be on discord as well for proper coordination
  25. Jog my memory, what are the classic rules?
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