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    What is it?

    D^3 Lands of Mawritania is a 'West Marches' style D&D 5E campaign set in our homebrew world of Mawritania. A 'West Marches' format allows for any number of players and DMs to participate within our player-driven game world. There are no regular session -- instead it is up to the players to self-organize with DMs to start and run sessions.

    How can I join?

    How do I play?

    •  As this is a 'West Marches' format, everything is player driven. To start a session, you simply need to find three to four other players who are available for a session at the same time and a DM to run it. Once everyone has agreed to a time slot, then the session is ready to be played. It should be noted that sessions normally run for four hours and players are expected to be available for the session throughout those four hours.
    • Forum Organization: Players are expected to self-organize sessions using the Job Board and Free Exploration subforum sections within the D^3: Lands of Mawritania forum category. Furthermore, the calendar has specific D^3 Events that players can sign up if they meet the event's requirements. Players are encouraged to write about their adventures from their character's perspective within the After-Action Reports and Roleplay sections.
    • Discord Organization: Players are further encouraged to use the #session-lfg and #general-chat chat rooms within the Discord to talk and organize themselves for future missions and sessions.

    Live Twitch Casting

    • Sessions will be live broadcasted on the official Diplomunion Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/diplomunion
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