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Phalanx's EU4 MP Game #6 Sign Ups


Paradox Games

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Time for another one of these games with the upcoming 1.29 patch! Since last time I did one of these, I do now have all the DLCs, including Golden Century. I want to keep this game more chill than the past few games, so the development limit is being upped and the Player Alliance limit dropped along with keeping the difficulty at Normal.


START DATE: September 21th 2pm


EST Saturday Sessions -- Sessions will now only be from 2 PM EST to 7 PM EST on Saturdays.


200 Development Limit -- This is being done to allow for more interesting nation choices and to prevent extremely early game snowballing. Nations with subjects will follow the same development formula used by the great power rankings -- half of your subjects development is added to the nation's base development. Lower skilled players can petition to play larger nations, but there is a hard cap of 300 development. Nation Locks -- Nations selected by people will be locked to them unless an agreement is made by players to share a nation.


AI Control -- If during a session you decide to leave early, we'll continue playing and the AI will take over your nation. If we start a session and you're not there, than the AI will take over your session.


Paired Country Play -- Cooperative play is encouraged. Considering the way AI Control works when someone can't make it to a session, having a second player as a backup will help the nation afloat in such a situation.


Normal -- Depending on the players who sign up, I may switch this back to Hard. But I'd like to encourage newer and lower skilled players in joining us.





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