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War in the Plaguelands #20 || Weekly Private Matches

Event details

Greetings Everyone!


Old Guard will be continuing our weekly private matches of War in the Plaguelands this Saturday, December 7th at 4:00PM EST / 10:00PM CEST. For the unacquainted, War in the Plaguelands is a large-scale RTS map based on Warcraft lore between the end of Frozen Throne and Wrath of the Lich King. Teams are locked, with one exception, and players battle with massive armies and powerful heroes over important locations in the Plaguelands of the northern Eastern Kingdoms. The map is spawn-based, meaning units spawn at player's base and do not need to be trained or manually teched. Each player starts with a squad of heroes that scale as they level up. Heroes are lost forever on death, with a couple of exceptions. As events from the Plaguelands timeline play out, factions can receive more heroes. Finally, there are two versions of War in the Plaguelands: 12 player and 24 player... (6v6 and 12v12 respectively).



I'm excited to announce that we will be doing a 24P in-house this weekend! Due to an increase in the WitP playerbase (facilitated by yours truly <3), we will be doing an unprecedented 12v12 private match.  This is a particularly HYPE private match because it marks the 4-month mark since Hope to see ya'll there.


This event is being hosted by Old Guard, If you are a part of Diplomunion but not Old Guard, come drop by the Discord HERE

Unfortunately due to limitations of forum posts, there will be no reserves through Diplo... please head to #private_matches in Old Guard to reserve a slot!


If you can't make it for a game but would like to watch, I stream the matches every week at my Twitch handle BladeMasterRUSH



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