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Midconflict's EU4 MP Game #2

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Welcome back to Mid's NEXT game! We started one today randomly, but my English soldiers won the game ez pz too fast. So here we are again, with rules and shit. Irish independence was a mistake


This game will be hosted by Midconflict

Balancing of Great Powers - A player CAN play a Great Power as long as there are others to balancing it out.
Kebab - Fuck off
Ming - Fuck off

Obs! Rules can be changed at the time of hosting if host and players deem it acceptable.
Obs 2! If you want to play a major power, pick one major power and a minor power in case the requirements aren't met.

Alliance Rules
1. GP can only have 1 non-game breaking GP alliance (GP based on Development, not points).
2. Can only have two players in your alliance (you + 2).
3. Interventions are always allowed.

Development Limit - In theory none aslong as previously mentioned requirements are met.

Nation Locks - Nations selected by people will be locked to them unless an agreement is made by players to share a nation.

AI Control - If during a session you decide to leave early, we'll continue playing and the AI will take over your nation. If we start a session and you're not there, than the AI will take over your session.

Paired Contry Play - Cooperative play is encouraged. Considering the way AI Control works when someone can't make it to a session, having a second player as a backup will help the nation afloat in such a situation.

Normal Difficulty - Fucking normal, my dude

Exploits - No.

Memeing - Allowed and encouraged.

Rankings - Based around points not development.

Victory Cards - Victory Cards will be on.

13th rule - 13th can't start as a major power.

Game Date - 15th September (and every saturday after unless stated otherwise.
Game Time - 11 am PST - 2 pm EST - 8 pm CEST.
Session time - Aprox 4 hours.

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