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    09 December 2018 06:00 PM      10:00 PM

    Free exploration for groups from levels 3 to 6!

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    09 December 2018 10:00 PM

    Lets go again!
    You know the Drill, and it's back once again  
    USA -  killer
    UK -  MidConflict
    Australia -  Nerent
    Canada - Rasmus/Swendwich
    France - 
    British Raj -  bottle
    South Africa - 60ep

    German Reich - Dragon
    Hungary -  Fenrises
    Romania -  avistheking
    Italy -  diadon
    Japan -  Nayf
    Spain - gokalp123
    Bulgaria - Style

    USSR -  Iamwalrus
    China - FireMochi
    Rules :
    BANNED NATIONS All nations south of the Trump Wall in Western Hemisphere, Baltic states, China minors, Iran, Benelux, Poland, & Troll nations are banned.

    Axis/Comintern minors only:
    Axis: Romania and Hungary.

    1. No justifying until Germany goes to war, except through Focus, or it is 1940.
    2. No inviting or joining factions until Germany has gone to war, or it is 1940.
    3. Majors & minors must stay in historical Faction & Ideology.
    4. Only infantry volunteers allowed in Spain, no volunteers outside of Spain. (Debatable if we have a spain player or no)
    5. No autism/exploits. (Subjective to host). (Including but not limited to) - Disbanding encircled divs, delaying CW, destroying factories, revoking gaurantees, releasing nations, expiditionary force before being catipulated, changing templates while encircled, If in doubt, ask the host.
    6. No land Mil Access to another faction. eg - (Raj in Russia.)
    7. One artillery/AT/SPG's/TD's per 10 combat width. Do not strap any type of special forces to medium or heavy Tanks or their variants (TDs, SPGs & SPAA) light tanks and their variants are ok. 20 Combat width minimum division size, 44 width maximum size.
    8. Must call in ALL subjects to war.
    9. No trading factories you do not need. (Factories for free trading is or for research slot is allowed, factory boosting an ally or an enemy to enable an ally to get a better economy law is not)
    10. You must have a continuous border with any requested land, and even then it's at hosts discression as to what is acceptable.
    11. Max level 5 forts (+FOCUS).

    Axis Specific Rules:
    1. Japan must declare on China by 38. (no puppeting)
    2. Italy must annex Ethiopia.
    3. Germany must finish Molotov-Ribbentrov Pact before war with Allies and must respect it.
    5. Japan may not invade USSR until 1942 unless Japan owns all of the Rubber islands (Including Sri Lanka!).
    6. Japan may not attack the Allies until 1940.
    7. Spain cannot join the Second World War until 1941 OR 6 months after the fall of France.
    8. Germany may not form Vichy France through the event.

    Allied Specific Rules:
    1. USA cannot join the Second World War until 1941 OR 6 months after the fall of France. (may not have military access until that date aswell)
    2. USSR cannot expand beyond the Molotov-Ribbentrop sphere until 1940 THAN may only justify 1 at a time.
    3. USSR is limited to sending only guns and 500 planes to China.

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