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    03 December 2018 01:00 AM      04:30 AM

    DGL is a hero league style two month weekend tournament where you're entered individually to be drafted into teams by the assigned captains. Once a game is won or lost, your in house ELO rank is automatically updated. It's a fun way to meet fellow Heroes of the Storm players, improve your skill, and win some prizes.

    Stay tuned to news, the latest videos, and standings at diplomunion.com/dglhots/
    How do I play?
    Your in game level must be 125. Join the DGL HotS Discord, and upload your profile in #confirmation. 8pm EST alternating Saturday/Sunday every week. Get drafted and play! Prizes & Timeline
    Season 3 will go from October 21 - December 16. At the end, the #1 placed player will receive $50 and 15 in game Loot Crates as well as a coaching session byNotParadox and a featured video on his channel. The next four runners up will receive 15 loot crates each. Every weekend we will raffle all participants into a draw for 3 Loot Crates. How can I help?
    We're always looking for facilitators, casters, and asset artists - if you're interested in volunteering with us please fill out this form - https://goo.gl/forms/MwmVWZIKyrs3DFu72

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