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    01 December 2018 03:00 PM

    Like the threads in Warclave and Diplo I hope to generate hype in Brigands too, please feel free to join!   Judging from past games, I aim for 12 players for the least although more are always welcomed.   The game setting is set as a competitive hoi4 lobby, Historical ofc and the rules will be posted later today.   Allies: USA - Fenrises UK - MidConflict Australia - diadon Canada -  gokalp123 France - Arthos British Raj - FireMochi   Axis: German Reich - Coleadmin Hungary - Maciekkub Romania - AwesomeGuy Italy - IamWalrus Japan - Nayf Spain - ponasozis     Commies: USSR - Dragon China -style     
      This is the minimum requirement for a lobby, with those respective nations, I hope to see you all! If more come, I will include South Africa as well or Brazil, or maybe a co op for Germany and USSR.

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