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    The Old Guard Partnership

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    From the desk of @The_Phalanx, Diplomunion Acting Chief Officer


    I remember being in the old Pub voice channel on Diplomunion last year. We were several of us, all watching the BlizzCon stream. The previous year, Starcraft had set a new precedent by getting a remastered edition. I figured this year would either be a remastered Warcraft I and Warcraft II or a remastered Diablo II. We were all waiting to see what it was going to be, when someone entered the voice channel to yell at us that Grubby was streaming.


    We rushed to his twitch channel and we saw his playing the Purge of Stratholme in a way we had never seen before. Warcraft III was back and it had never looked so good. When the pre-order became available, we all hurried to reserve our own copy. We weren’t alone as the pre-order page crashed shortly there after.


    Since then, Diplomunion has worked to ready ourselves for the release of Warcraft 3 Reforged. @Spankfurt has personally led the charge, and thanks to his efforts, and everyone else on the team, we’re proud to announce a deepening of our partnership with The Old Guard.


    The Old Guard is one of the last bastions of Warcraft III RTS maps. It’s home to some of the best and most played Warcraft III RTS and Diplomacy maps, many of which used to have a home in Diplomunion. Our new partnership with The Old Guard is a return to our roots and a return home for many of them. Together we plan on strengthening the Warcraft III RTS community by working together to do we what we do best -- providing a space for gamers and content creators to play and work together.



    From the desk of @Bolvar, The Old Guard Chief of Staff


    It is with great enthusiasm that we, as Old Guard, welcome Diplomunion’s initiative to turn its attention to Warcraft once more. It has had a long and remarkable trajectory spanning over a decade that goes back to the early years of Warcraft. Now, at last, it is finally coming back home.

    Today we conclude the first major step in our full partnership with Diplomunion, selecting it as the official web platform for Old Guard. Ever since our previous enterprise in the web failed, we have been looking for a web presence that allows us to have a solid platform where we can store data and engage in more complex and in-depth discussions.

    We have had a lot of experience working with Diplomunion in the past few months, particularly @Spankfurt and @Abdel, and we look forward to bridge Discord and Web in a seamless connection in order to reach Reforged possessing the dynamics of Discord and the robust foundations of a website.

    Diplomunion and Old Guard share many core values and we are confident that, side by side, we will go farther than we would go alone. To seal and celebrate this pact, we are organizing a Warcraft III gaming marathon on 28/29th of September to play some old classics. Hope to see you all there.




    Please join us on The Old Guard Discord on the 28th of September for our joint Warcraft III gaming event!



    Please join us on the Diplomunion Discord on the 29th of September for our joint Warcraft III gaming event!


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