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    Steam Sale like a Diplo Boss

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    Don't be a schmuck who's waiting to play games with diplo simply because they didnt take advantage of the Diplo steam sale. Here's a list of titles that the larger diplo community has and is playing on a regular basis for your purchasing pleasure: 

    1. Company of Heroes 2
      • This is a micro-intensive RTS that has seen a resurgence of play in the Diplo community as of late. If you were too dumb or lazy to get this when it was being given FOR FREE a month ago, you can buy the base game for $5.99 or the full bundle for $9.06. @ponasozis, our CoH2 community deputy, has been organizing gaming sessions for this every Friday. @Feanor STILL WAITING FOR YOU TO PURCHASE THIS. FOR THE RODINA, FOR STALIN
      • If you already have Company of Heroes 2, you can buy multiple commanders on sale through steam by sifting through the search function. I've bought around 8 commanders for less than $5 recently as most are selling for 75cents a pop. 
    2. Paradox titles
      • @Burden organizes a weekly Saturday session of Paradox games and multiple titles are played. These titles include:
      • If you're a new player, Burden recommends Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV more than the other titles of Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis IV. They are more recent releases and there's less of a learning curve to learn to play them. 
    3. 7 Days to Die
      • If you're into minecraft style survival games, this is for you. Currently selling for $8.49, this is a game that Diplo returns to regularly in short spurts. I am sure @X152Leader aka Trash Leader schedules game sessions for this at Diplo Gaming and our own Minister of Coal @Burden ensures the Diplo survivors are well stocked with gunpowder. With 25 Diploers owning this game, it'll be sure to be a worthy part of your collection. 


    For a quick view of what organized Diplo games are played and at what time, check out our Calendar for more info. 


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