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    Azeroth Wars Lategame Discussion (+Polls)

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    Here is the original post with the poll:


    Azeroth Wars lategame have not remained the same over the past 10 years. 

    Here's a few things that have changed the lategame over the past year:


    1. Allying is now restricted.

    2. Gold income inflation.

    3. Available second chances with large starting armies.

    4. More powerful items (and where to find them).

    5. Main faction buildings made very durable. 

    6. Solopaths and leaving ally system.

    All of this and more have changed lategame over the years. On top of the lategame changing, more players are also still playing when it's lategame. The average playtime in Azeroth Wars have increased dramatically. A game that used to have 6 players leaving in the first 20 minutes are now often seeing 8 players still fighting 45 minutes into the game.


    Overall, I see increased playtime as a win, it's not an easy thing to accomplish. However, there's multiple things that happens in the lategame that I and others find to be unenjoyable. Now that people are spending more of their playtime in the lategame I think it's good to discuss it.


    Lategame Concerns

    The 3rd question in the poll is a collection of matters that I've heard people be unsatisfied with. Here I'll explain those concerns in a little more detail. You can answer multiple times in the 3rd question so you can pick and choose which of the 7 subjects you don't feel happy with currently.


    1. TP Scrolls. Lategame can easily become a teleportation game where an attacking player surprises someone by teleporting close or inside their base with a large army. The defender often have too little time to stop the teleport and must instead teleport his whole army nearby to defend. The majority of all lategame attacks are done by building something and teleporting to the building and as a defender it can be very hard to predict and protect yourself against such attacks. A building can be teleported to by many at the same time so in worst case scenario 2 armies teleports in which is almost 200 units max. 


    2. As game progresses, the physical damage of units increases and so does armor to balance it out. In Azeroth Wars, the magic damage dealt by hero squads increases fast while there's no counter balance to that. There's almost nothing a player can do to protect his regular units from heavy AoE magic damage. As a result, the lategame can often become dominated by hero squads capable of killing hundreds of units very quickly. 


    3. Every unit costs 1 food and limit is 300 food. In the lategame you often have no more upgrades to research, you've got a lot of gold and a large empire. You only have 1 hero squad. In this situation you often have to train large amounts of units to fight everywhere in your large empire. This is problematic since you can only control 12 units at the same time and the game becomes unstable with thousands of units moving and fighting all at the same time.

    4. Gold inflation has been happening for years and have reached high levels. In the lategame, you've researched everything and the only thing to spend gold on is training cheap units. All strong units have a limit on them. Since there's a lot of gold, situations where there's a long spam war between 2 sides are becoming more common. If both sides have over 10k gold, these types of spam wars can last for a very long time with there being a stalemate.


    5. To counter surprise aim capitals from sneaky players coming from boats or with a teleport scroll, the armor and health of capitals have been increased to very large levels to give defenders enough time to react. However, some players think the durability might have reached levels that are too high. For factions that don't have good units for destroying buildings, it can take a really long time destroying one main building.


    6. Second chances gives players hope. Some that had a bad game can get a fresh start on better terms. For winning players, they can become a problem. A Scourge player that is busy fighting South Alliance to then see Ebon Blade coming from inside his territory. Fel Horde fighting North Alliance to then be surprised by a 100 unit army Illidari in Outland. C'thun surprising Horde players while they're fighting overseas. The result of giving defeated players a second chance is that it makes the game a lot harder for the winning players. It's a natural consequence that have brought some dissatisfaction among players.


    7. The new allying system is regulated to ensure that a faction can't ally whoever they want. In general, "solo factions" not allowed to ally anyone. Starting factions not allowed to change allegiance until their ally have left the game. Then there's a few combinations on top of this that are not allowed. This makes the system very confusing for everyone and most people don't know when they can ally somebody else. The restrictions and the confusion combined results in you seeing very few people changing allies in the lategame. There's been several players expressing complaints about this system. 

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