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    Member Map!

    By Abdel, in Articles,

    Hey everyone,
    This is a little pet project of mine I'd love your participation in. Diplomunion is a global community and we might seem very far from each other, but sometimes in some unique cases, you might find yourselves to be a lot closer than you think. This is what inspired the Diplomunion member map. This map doesn't collect any location data from you apart from what you share.
    Simply right-click a location on the map to add your location and it will drop a pin of wherever you pressed on the map. If you populate your "About me" section on your profile, you can also tell people a little bit about yourself when they click your pin!
    I hope you all take part, this is a fun way to visually represent what timezones you are in for organizing purposes, but from a more micro perspective, will also show how Diplomunion resides in a small world after all. 
    Click here to check it out: https://www.diplomunion.com/membermap/

    A majority of map communities have migrated to discord which has increased the engagement between the map maker and map players. While discord has proven very convenient in the growth of sub communities, that growth has resulted in the factionalism of the warcraft 3 communities. When this community started wc3diplo.net, we did so with the goal of bringing in many different clans that all played similar games to unite under one platform for ease of access and use. Diplo's mission has not changed in that regard and I don't forsee us competing with Discord, infact, we encourage discord use. 
    What does Diplo offer to map makers who establish their map communities here?
     Links and a hosting location for your map with download/view metrics available. Example:   A map community page that's the landing page for your map. Example:  Front page article access. (on our front page)

      The ability for your community mods to use our recommend feature to highlight some of the feedback or posts in your community that are behaviors you want to encourage Live Discord feed and community advertised on the front page. (bottom right of our front page, to stretch from bottom right to top right) Logos, marketing materials and branding from experienced graphic designers.   
    Why maintain a website/forum community in tandem with a discord community? 
    Both Discord servers and forum communities have a purpose to fulfill. A forum community operates like a library and a discord server like a coffee shop. Neither are interchangeable but there are definitely instances where one is better than the other. 
    We're living in the instant response and gratification age of the internet where users have low attention spans and demand immediate answers. Most discord users don't scroll up to find information and thus tend to ask or comment on the same ideas or topics multiple times. Space is less competitive in forum environments due to large supply so users engage in this behavior less.  Content is more easily curated and stays visible longer on a forum community than a discord server.  Content on a site shows up in google's index for search results. Discord activity typically does not generate activity outside of that discord server unless you share your invite link to other communities/people/friends/etc..  Less stress on map makers. Community members expect near instantaneous responses when direct messaging or tagging people and this can lead to increased stress for some people since they can start feeling obligated or pressured to immediately give a result. Forums are more of a 'I'll get to it when I can' and promote more thoughtful discussion. This will be especially true when Warcraft 3: Reforged releases and breaks a lot of map mechanics which will draw users (more of them now due to the boost to the warcraft 3 population from reforged) to give more feedback on their experience playing the map.   

    Its no surprise that Heroes of the Storm queues have been longer, match quality has been worse and there’s been a huge skill drain in the game since HGC was ended in November 2018. For a very long time, Blizzard has taken a top down approach to generating interest and a community around the game with their initiatives in HoTS 2.0 and HGC, while not giving enough support to amateur tournaments like the Heroes Lounge, Nexus Gaming Series or DGL / Heroes Draft. In my opinion, Heroes of the Storm is a great game, but it lacks key functionality and support to enlist playerbase enthusiasm in growing the community again. 
    A HoTS Map Editor
    One of the reasons why Warcraft III, another Blizzard title published over 15 years ago, is and continues to be such a good game is because it is a prime example of how various grassroots community members can give a game’s life longevity and continue to breathe vitality and excitement long after the developers have stopped making it their main priority. Indeed the moba genre itself might have been born in Starcraft but it made its mark with DoTA as a custom game in Warcraft III. The tools Blizzard provided to the playerbase to create according to their own imagination, to be masters of their own space is a key functionality that Blizzard have stopped supporting in their games as of late. Unfortunately it feels and seems that older blizzard games sold players the universe but presently, now only sell a sandbox. Why does HoTS need to have 2 or 3 lanes? Why not 5? Why does every game need to be a 5 player game? Why not 10? Give players the tools they need to create and experiment within the HoTS engine to create their own fun. 
    Guilds or Clans
    While this isn’t a standard feature in most mobas, HoTS is unique in that it is a team-based game. Adding Guilds or Clans will help create rivalries by factionalizing the game space, the same way Clan rivalries emerged in the Warcraft 3 space that made clan games impassioned and spirited. In addition, it will also make certain players emerge more prominently as HoTS allows multiple players to hold the same name (but different battletag). Having a clan tag attached to someone’s name will allow them to be more identifiable in the Nexus and create rivalry. In Warcraft 3, Blizzard also published clan rank which was an aggregate of player ranks from multiple Wc3 ladder clans. A similar system should be added in HoTS for clans or guilds to better promote grass-roots rivalries. 
    Custom Game Overhaul
    Players should be able to play any hero, regardless of ownership, in custom game mode. There should absolutely not be a level requirement to participate in custom games. In addition, all brawl modes should be made available. There’s absolutely no reason why a level 2000 HoTS player on a European server should have to re-earn all their heroes if they want to play with their North American friends, and vice versa. Empower the community to create their own competitive mode and leagues without being sandboxed and constrained at every turn.
    HoTS is a fantastic game that I’ll continue playing as long as I find it enjoyable, but that doesn’t change the fact that thousands of players have discontinued playing due to unpleasurable experiences or simply that other mobas are a lot more popular right now. Blizzard needs to flip the script and implement serious changes to the game; changes that will make HoTS stand out from the pack and have a proven track record of creating serious grassroots growth instead of trickle down growth from esports. There are already actors in the HoTS community that are struggling to keep this game alive, whether they are running amateur leagues or creating custom observer UIs for streamers like AhliObs. Empower them and remove the walls of the sandbox to truly make HoTS the best moba there is.

    Comment on the changelog in this forum thread: 

    Added a new Water Passageway from north (east of Northrend) to south (South of Kalimdor). Added Floating text to the water passageways to tell where they go.
    Darnassus terrain completely revamped.
    Ragnaros gold bounty down from 1k to 500.
    C’thun gold bounty down from 1200 to 600.
    Second chances unlock changed to turn 22, from turn 24.
    Changed the Sentinel color to light green so they are easier to differentiate on the minimap from High Elves.
    If Stratholme castle dies, Arthas is automatically removed and goes to Northrend.
    Changed a barn near alterac from neutral hostile to passive
    Ensnare is now researched for all players that use it from the start. The ensnare upgrade now costs 50 gold and 120 lumber.
    Dustwallow Marsh control point gold per minute changed from 15 to 30.
    Mulgore control point gold per minute changed from 30 to 50
    Resolved a long-standing issue in which it was possible to kill Control Points under very specific circumstances
    Resolved an issue in which War Stomp had no effect
    Added a small troll creep camp to the North of Drak’tharon Keep
    Resolved an issue in which War Stomp’s SFX appeared at the caster’s torso rather than the ground
    Ally and unally command removed.
    Corrected item purchase hotkeys
    Sacrificial Skull (D)
    Rod of Necromancy (F)
    Orb of Corruption (Z)
    Scroll of Animate Dead (X)
    Moonstone (Q)
    Lesser Clarity Potion (W)
    Anti-Magic Potion (D)
    Dust of Appearance (F)
    Orb of Venom (Z)
    Mask of Death (Q)
    Healing Salve (Q)
    Pocket Stronghold (W)
    Scroll of Speed (E)
    Goblin Land Mines (X)
    Tech-Orb 4000 (Z)
    Sturdy War Axe (E)
    Orb of Lightning (Z)
    Ivory Tower (X)
    Orb of Light (Z)
    Brew of Divinity (X)
    Orb of Frost (Z)
    Runed Bracers (E)
    Cloak of Flames (R)
    Orb of Slow (Z)
    Corrected ability tooltips
    Death Knight Death Pact (Removed "Level 1" text)
    Corrected button positions
    Summon Acolyte (2,2)
    Summon Cultist (2,2)
    Corrected unit selection scales
    If the High elf player is not in the game when it starts, the Troll attack will trigger on Quel'thalas.

    Control Points
    Completely reworked the systems underlying the Control Point & Income mechanics Removed a significant number of memory leaks Changed the income period from 60 seconds to 1 second (total gold over a minute remains the same).  
    Completely reworked the systems underlying how Factions are implemented. Factions are now entities that determine a player’s available units, structures, and technologies, and also determine prefix colour, player colour, faction name, and available Teams.  
    Implemented a system of Teams. A player’s Team determines who they are allied to, who gains their resources when their forces are abandoned, and whether or not they can research Solo Paths.  A player can join a new Team at the Alliance Center, but only if they are missing a teammate based on their current team size, and the other player is missing a teammate. Teams are also limited to a size of 2, except for the North Alliance
    Some Factions are restricted from allying with some other Factions. For example, there is no Team which allows the Scourge and the Druids to ally, but there is a team that allows the Ebon Blade and the Druids to ally
    A player cannot leave their Team unless it is already not full; IE, Stormwind cannot leave the South Alliance unless Ironforge leaves the game.
    A player can research a Solo Path any time their current Team is not full, and doing so will place them onto a Team with a maximum size of 1

    Implemented a method that determines what happens when a player leaves the game: All gold, lumber and hero experience is divided endly amongst remaining Team members All hero, elite and demi-hero units are deleted and then refunded to the remaining Team members All remaining units are then randomly granted to any remaining Team member, including all units, structures and Capitals Developer’s Note: In this version, all units and technologies are disabled by default, and only get enabled if you have the right Faction. That means that even if you gain control of a leaving player’s Capital, you do not get the ability to train their Elites.
    Reimplemented the Multiboard from scratch. It now builds programmatically from any Teams and Factions that currently exist in the game. Both Control Point count and Income are displayed, and Factions are listed under Teams. Players who leave the game are not represented on the Multiboard at all.


    Replaced the Temple of the Damned on Caer Darrow with a new building: Caer Darrow Keep. It trains Death Knights and Necromancers. It also has the necromancers caster upgrades.
    Removed the Graveyard, 2 ghouls and the Spirit Tower West of Gundrak. Added 2 Ghouls to Icecrown.
    Gilneas event changed. Temporary event: Scourge and Legion gain 200 gold, no more skeletons are gained by scourge.
    Switched the Crypt Fiend and Skeleton archer hotkey and position In crypt
    Gargoyle: +125 hp and melee attack changed to piercing. Cost down to 23 gold. Limit to 8, up from 6.
    Swapped the Ziggurat and boneyard hotkeys. Ziggurat is now W and Boneyard Z.
    Ice Revenant Frost Armor bonus from 3 to 4 armor. Mana cost down from 40 to 25.
    Anub'arak +1 base armor.
    Ghoul MS increased by 20
    Skeleton archer -50 hit points, -1 gold, armor to unarmored
    Obsidian statue removed devour magic, mana flare moved to E. Mana flare area of effect from 750 to 975. Hitpoint from 800 to 875. Damage from 7-8 to 27-28. Essence of blight heal from 15 to 18. Mana cost from 5 to 3. Spirit touch mana regen from 7 to 10 and mana cost from 5 to 3.
    Destroyer damage from 19-21 to 29-31. Range 450 to 550.
    Banshee cost from 16 to 15. Hit points from 285 to 335, damage from 12-16 to 17-21. Possession range from 200 to 300. Mana cost from 250 to 185.
    Raise dead after necromantic mastery now summons 1 skeleton Soldier and 1 Skeletal Wizard. The soldier has magic immunity and shield wall (200 aoe 2 armor devotion aura). The Wizard has Inner Energy (weak inner fire) and frost attack. They both have better stats and last the same duration as normal raise dead. Raise dead costs 35 mana instead of 75.
    Replaced Lich King’s “Psychic Domination” with “Unleash Frostmourne”
    Arthas channels Frostmourne full power, periodically firing out bolts of necromantic energy at nearby hostile living, friendly undead, and corpse units. Each damages, heals, or reanimates the target
    Added a new path, the Knights of the Ebon Blade. It unlocks if you don’t have an ally.
    Necromancers now have melee spells: Cripple on Q, raise dead on W and incite Unholy Frenzy on E. Cripple mana cost down from 100 to 50.
    Ebon Blade

    This event is available to any faction past turn 22 if their ally left. You spawn as an armada in a location of your choice between these 3 locations:
    South of Northrend.
    East of Azeroth
    West of Quel'thalas
     The armada is comprised of the following units
    A boat with your heroes and death Knights
    A boat with 10 priest
    A boat with 10 knights
    A boat with 10 ghouls
    A boat with 10 archers
    A boat with 10 raiders
    12 frigates
    6 battleships
    8 gargoyles
    6 Sky Knights
    4 Gryphon DK 
    You lose the ability to train the following units (if you are scourge):
    Frost wyrms
    Meat wagons
    Obsidian statue 
    Crypt fiends
    All your units will go Hostile.
    All your heroes get replaced by the following heroes:
    Darion Mograine
    Avatar Q
    Roar W
    Unholy Aura E
    Resurrection R
    Devotion aura D
    Heavy plating F
    Thoras Trollbane 
    Breath of frost Q
    Rivendare W
    Rivendare E
    Frost Storm R
    Cleave D
    Sally Whitemane 
    Death coil Q
    Black Arrow W
    Brilliance aura E
    Death and decay R
    You can build undead buildings in addition to a new one, the Ebon Blade Chapter House.
    You can train scourge units and the following new units:
    Knight of the Ebon Blade. Trainable at the crypt. 
    Ebon Blade Raiders. Trainable at the chapter house
    Sky riders. Limited 6. Trainable at the chapter house.
    Dwarven Death Knight. Limited 4. Trainable at chapter house.
    2 more death knights.

    Tichondrius event for corrupting the fountain of blood is now instant and unlock after turn 8.
    Satyr Trickster now costs 1 food up from 0.
    Mal'ganis and Tichondrius -50 base hp. +1 stats gain per level to all attributes.
    Voidwalker hp up from 675 to 775.
    Succubus now have poison sting and range up from 500 to 650.
    Felguard damage up from 29-34 to 37-42.
    Dreadlord armor from 4 to 3, Sight of sargeras now locked being an upgrade and also reveals invisible units.
    New dreadlord upgrade: Unlocks sight of sargeras and gives the dreadlord 150 bonus hp.
    Fel Horde

    Blademaster and Bladelords Bladestorm damage per second from 75 to 120, duration from 4 to 2.5. The total damage remains the same.
    Bladelord mirror Image now summon 2 illusions up from 1 and hotkey changed to W. Also added the combat experience ability. Armor up from 4 to 7.
    Grim Batol can now train Shattered Hand and Death Knight Elites.
    Horde cavalry cost from 26 to 24.
    Fel Raider hp from 720 to 770. Armor from 1 to 0. Cost from 17 to 15 gold. Build time from 3 to 2 seconds.
    Shattered Hand Executioner movement speed from 215 to 250, self bloodlust autocast now activated from the start. Hit points from 1375 to 1475, base damage from 65 to 75. Armor from 5 to 6.
    Nether Hatchling cost from 20 to 17. True sight moved from black drakes to Nether hatchling.
    Bladelords moved from dragon tier to Shattered Hand tier. So Shattered Hand now gives both Shattered Hand Executioners and Bladelords.
    Ancient Black dragon doesn't gain the 200 bonus range that the black drakes gain from the dragon tier.
    Zuluhead ultimate changes: When its activated, heals every unit around zuluhead for 150/250/300 health. Zuluhead also gains 1000 bonus hp and 15 hp regen per second during his ultimate.
    Rend strength per level from 2 to 2.5. Agility per level from 2.5 to 2.8. Starting strength from 23 to 26.

    Footman cost down from 14 to 13. 
    Silver Hand Paladin hp up from 1250 to 1175. Armor up from 6 to 5.
    Longbowmen now have barbed arrow passive. (slows the target by 50% for .5 seconds)
    Scarlet Monastery is now an Ancient so it can't be attacked by ships.
    Captain Falric is no longer removed when Arthas becomes a Death Knight.
    King Arthas W is now Rally.
    King Arthas is no longer unrevivable if Lordaeron capitals are dead.
    Scarlet Zealot renamed to Scarlet Crusader. Base armor up from 1 to 4, Base hp up from 675 to 825. Base damage from 12 to 24. Attack speed down from 1.05 to 1.20.  Gold cost up from 19 to 21. Holy fire blessing spell removed.
    Fixed an issue where you could suicide Capital for the Crown.
    Changed the Blunderbuss rifleman model to a Footman rifleman. Moved him to the barrack A hotkey from the Blacksmith.
    Scarlet Grand Crusader renamed to Scarlet Templar. Model changed. Base damage up from 28 to 98. Damage type changed from normal to magic. Movement speed down from 270 to 250. 
    Divine Shield mana cost down to 125.
    Silver Hand path research bonus to Silver Hand Squire from 150 hp bonus to 200. Also gives them 10 bonus damage. Surge of vitality ability duration for 2 to 4 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.
    Replaced Uther’s ultimate with “Exact Justice”
    Uther channels the Light for 6 seconds, preventing all nearby friendly units from taking damage. When Exact Justice finishes casting, all nearby enemy units take 150/250/350 damage. If Exact Justice is interrupted, it instead deals damage proportional to how long it was channeled for.
    Replaced Arthas’ and King Arthas ultimate with Uther’s old ultimate, Divine Storm.

    Gnomeregan is now an ancient, so it can no longer be targeted by air unit
    Medical Distribution icon changed to healing ward.
    Baelgun is now loadable into tanks.
    Muradin base hit points from 100 to 200.
    King Magni base hit points from 100 to 175. Starting intelligence from 18 to 23.
    Steel Refinery upgrade in the Halls of explorers is now locked behind the Mithril Armor upgrade in the barracks.
    Gunpowder Innovation upgrade in the Hall now locked between Long Rifle upgrade.
    Mithril Armor now affects Thanes

    Kirin Tor now use attack and defense upgrade, like other casters elite.
    Summon Water Elemental mana cost down from 200 to 150.
    Kul tiras rifleman icon changed. Range reduced from 850 to 600.
    Replaced Admiral Proudmoore's Spyglass (R) with Nautical Bombardment
    Conjures an aerial flagship that circles the target area for 14 seconds, launching a barrage of 10 cannonballs at the area each second. Each cannonball deals 20/30/40 damage to enemy units in a radius of 100.

    Fix one of the quel'thalas control point being invulnerable after being revealed.
    Granite Golem now correctly uses Copper Plating upgrade instead of Studded Leather Armor
    Sorceress gold cost from 16 to 15. Slow spell Attack speed slow buffed from 25% to 45%.
    Polymorph mana cost reduced from 150 to 100
    Sorceress W changed from invisibility to summon lesser fire elemental. They have incinerate.
    Lor'themar Theron isn’t unlocked with Mobilisation, he is purely a Rise from the Ashes Hero now. (So a nerf to the North Alliance missing a member with High Elves still playing).
    If Quel’thalas leaves for any reason, it triggers Troll attack.

    The First guardian hit points from 1550 to 2550. Armor from 10 to 20. Base damage from 80 to 200.
    Snap Dragon hit point up from 650 to 775.
    Myrmidon base defense from 4 to 5. Base damage from 42 to 46.
    Ancient Hydra hit points from 1600 to 1950. Damage from 75 to 85. Armor from 2 to 3.
    Ashtongue Assassin base damage from 44 to 78. Armor up from 7 to 9. 
    Naga Siren frost armor bonus from 3 to 6.
    High Lord Naj'entus Devotion aura up from 2 to 3.
    Couatl tornado moved to W, Sentry ward added to Q.
    Temple of Azshara hit points up from 5000 to 20000. Armor up from 10 to 15.
    Naga starting lumber from 1500 bonus to 2500.
    Rise from the Ashes

    The event now gives you the choice to spawn between 3 location:
    The sea west of quel'thalas.
    The sea east of quel'thalas.
    The sea east of South Azeroth.
    You spawn with the following armada:
    12 frigates
    6 battleships
    6 Dragonhawk
    10 Magus in a transport ship
    10 blood elf warrior in a transport ship
    10 priest in a ship
    10 sorceress in a ship
    4 heroes and 6 farstriders in a ship
    6 Blood Mages and 4 workers in a ship
    10 archers in a ship
    10 spellbreakers in a ship
    This means you have the freedom to go where you want and won’t be spawn camped or trapped. You also will have time to build a base with your starting 
    ressources without immediately having to fight.
    Rise from the ashes starting lumber from 2500 to 4000.
    Lor'themar is now a melee hero. Feedback removed, replaced by Command Aura.
    Lor’themar mana shield moved to E.  Aura removed, Added a new spell, Incineration W. 
    Lor'themar model changed.
    Grand Magister Rommath model changed. Strength gain per level from 2 to 2.2. Base hp up from 100 to 200.
    Added Lady Liadrin. She has the following spells:
    Holy Light Q
    Storm Bolt W
    Devotion Aura E
    Wrath of the Blood Elves (starfall) W
    Divine Shield D
    Thrall Horde

    Grunt cost from 17  to 15 gold. Armor up to 3 from 2.
    Wind rider cost from 38 to 34 and build time from 12 to 10 seconds.
    Tauren hit point from 1225 to 1325. Armor from 3 to 4. Cost from 26 to 30. Build time from 5 to 6 seconds
    Cairne str gain buffed by 0.6, base armor by 1.
    Troll Headhunter can now summon a boar. It has poison sting (stacks) and a ranged attack. Cooldown is 5 min. 
    Batrider cost from 14 to 13.
    Thrall movement speed buffed by 15 and hp by 50.
    Shaman frost armor from 3 to 6 armor bonus.
    Vol’jin model changed.
    Replaced Cairne’s ultimate with “Ancestral Legion”
    Whenever a Tauren unit dies anywhere on the map, Cairne remembers it. When Ancestral Legion is cast, Cairne summons 40/55/70 remembered Tauren as Ancestors for 60 seconds. Each Ancestor has 30%/40%/50% additional damage and health.
    Warsong Clan

    Draz’zilb frost armor bonus armor up from 3 to 7.
    Rokhan given evasion passive on D (15%)
    Warsong Grunt damage from 25-28 to 27-30.
    Troll Berserker hp from 615 to 635.
    Darkspear warlord armor buffed from 1 to 2
    Goblin sapper hp from 100 to 175.
    Goblin shredder armor from 3 to 6. Hp from 1000 to 1100. Gold cost from 38 to 27. Damage from 44-71 to 53-71.
    Raider damage from 29-41 to 33-45. Hp from 720 to 835. Armor from 1 to 2. Cost from 17 to 21.
    Berserker strength upgrade now affects elites and raiders.

    Tyrande moves to Darnassus.
    Sentinel Wisps removed, now all the Night elf wisp are the same (Doesn’t change anything gameplay wise).
    Ancient of War moved to A hotkey
    Aerial mastery doesn't give 200 hp to hippogryphs riders
    Hippo captains have -200 hit point.
    Captain aura from 20% bonus movement speed to 8%.
    Hippo rider captains now trained at the temple of Elune at the E hotkey. Damage type to piercing. 
    Redeemed Highborn now on the E hotkey
    Archer damage from 23-25 to 19-21. Cost from 17 to 15.
    Wind Control mastery now doesn’t remove 5% hp to all units affected.
    Nightblade damage from 24-26 to 22-24. Cost from 18 to 17. Nightblades is now at R in the ancient of War.
    Huntress are now W in the ancient of War
    Hippogryph rider are now on R and trained in the Temple of Elune
    Swapped trappers and priestess in the temple of elune.
    Elune grace magic reduction from 35% to 25%
    Illidan now starts at lvl 6.
    Maiev now spawns lvl 5 at turn 8. (locking Illidan in the process)
    Maiev ultimate now gives her divine armor, 0.75 sec cooldown on blink, and higher damage. 35% evasion also removed from her ultimate.
    Replaced Tyrande’s Q with “Moonlit Shot”
    Added 1 glaive thrower, 2 huntress, 2 archers and 2 priestess to darnassus.
    Glaive Thrower now limited to 8, up from 6. Glaive Thrower build time is now 8 seconds, down from 12. Glaive Throwers are now E in the ancient of War
    United Night Elf Path available if your ally leaves.

    Bolvar model changed.
    Construction Sites can no longer be targeted by air units
    High Sorcerer Andromath Frost armor bonus armor from 3 to 7 and now autocast. Base damage from 36 to 66. Mana from 400 to 500. Mana regeneration from 1 to 1.2. Hit point from 875 to 1075.
    Katrana Prestor Hit point from 875 to 1150. Armor from 0 to 1. Base damage from 38 to 53. Added reincarnation and resistant skin.
    Archbishop Benedictus Power word shield health from 800 to 1100, also duration buffed from 30 to 45. Heal changed to greater Heal; now heals 65 health every .5 second. 15 mana cost.
    Reginald Windsor devotion aura up from 2 to 3. 
    Reginald Righteous Blow slows movement speed by 50% now. Primary damage up from 100 to 200. Hotkey moved from Q to W. 
    Added Heavy Bash to Reginald. Base damage up from 35 to 75. Hit points from 1250 to 1550.
    Militia cost from 17 to 16
    Saboteur now limited 12. Base siege damage up from 25 to 30. Base normal damage from 23 to 38. Hp up from 650 to 950
    Assassin's poisoned Spear now normal envenomed weapon passive. Deals 10 damage second, slows attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 30%.
    Enforcer hp from 800 to 700.
    Skirmisher range from 700 to 600.
    Varian attack from 69-91 to 49-71. Hp from 725 to 650. Cleaving nerfed from 20% to 15%.
    Bishop of the Light Resurrection corpse resurrected from 1 to 3. Base hp up from 450 to 650. Holy nova replaced by Healing Wave on E. Resurrection moved to Q. Bishop of the Light now gain the Light Protection ability if you research the right tier in the Cathedral.
    Added 1 Stormwind Champion to Stormwind.
    Stormwind Champion model changed.
    Stormwind Champions no longer have 2 paths. Base armor up from 4 to 7. Base damage up from 42 to 62. they have now 1 set of abilities:
    Cleaving Attack (25%)
    Resistant Skin
    Heavy Armor
    Charge (Q)
    Safeguard (W)
    Staggering Shout (E). Now slows attack speed by 95% up from 70%.
    Combat Experience . 15% changed to dodge and 20% to deal 2x crit.

    Furbolg are now R in the ancient of Lore, Dryads are now Q.
    Now start with an ancient of Lore, a wisp and a shipyard in Darnassus.
    Ancient of Lore moved to S hotkey
    Ancient of Wind moved to D Hotkey
    Malfurion rejuvenation can now be casted on full life units.
    Furbolg cost from 15 to 13 gold
    Faerie Dragon cost from 28 to 23.
    Swapped Druid of the growth Q and E. So they start with entangling roots. Mark of the wild armor buff from 3 to 5 and regen from 4 to 5. It also lasts 15 seconds more, from 30 to 45. Mana cost reduced by 5 for both spells.
    Curse of the wood mana cost form 125 to 85.
    Druids of the Claw can now cast Roar on Q. GIves .15% damage and 3 armor in a small aoe.
    Druid of the Claw hit points from 1025 to 825. Armor from 4 to 1. Now uses the caster upgrades.
    Dryad mana pool from 100 to 200.
    Fixed Cenarius learn hotkey for his Q.
    Cenarius now only has one ability to represent Mastery of Nature. 
    Night Elves

    Solo night Elf path is completely reworked, now it gives you a new set of units and buildings independently if you started as druids or sentinels:
    Color Blue
    Heroes: Maiev, Tyrande, Malfurion, Cenarius (now revivable)
    Tree of ages:
    Keeper of the growth elites
    Ancient of War
    Archer on Q
    Huntress on W
    Glaive Thrower on E
    Hunters hall. Only upgrades
    Ancient protectors
    Ancient of lore
    Dryad Q
    Druid of the claw W
    Mountain giant on E
    Hyppo Rider on R
    Ancient of wind
    Druid of the talon on Q.
    Priestess on W, 
    Faerie dragon on E, 
    Chimera on R
    Ancient of wonders
    Altar of elders
    Unit changes in the path
    Druid of the claw can switch between human and bear and have toughened hide in bear form
    Druid of the Claw now have rejuvenation and Mark of the wild in human form.
    Druid of the Talon have storm crow form unlocked. 
    Dryads: now are limited to 24 and have the mass haste spell in a small aoe on W. (Bloodlust that gives less attack speed) (keeper spell)
    All caster benefit from the Balance Mastery upgrade of druids: better dispel, more mana and more attack speed. (Druid of the Claw human form, druid of the talon, priestess, keepers)
    All Ranged ground units have better elune grace, 20 movement speed, 4 damage and 50 extra Hit points. (Archer, huntress, Dryads).
    All nature units have 200 more hp, 6 damage. (Bear, mountain giant, Dryad, Chimera, Keepers and faeries.)
    No masteries for now, it removes any previous mastery chosen by the sentinel or druid player before
    Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj

    Faceless One hp from 650 to 750.  Armor from 1 to 3. Gold cost from 16 to 9. Build time from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
    Tol’vir Statue hit point from 586 to 865.
    Faceless Corruptors range from 700 to 900. Hit points up from 765 to 865. Base armor up from 2 to 4. Parasite range up from 700 to 850.
    Silithid reaver hit points up from 550 to 750. Gold cost from 15 to 13. Build time from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
    Moam Base hit points up from 850 to 1050.  
    Prophet Skeram hit points up from 875 to 975.
    Immortal Guardian defense type from heavy to Hero.
    Silithid Colossus hit points up from 1075 to 1875. Base damage from 42 to 82. Wind walk removes, replaced by spiked carapace. It gives 2 armor, 10% incoming damage reduction and returns 20% of melee damage to the attacker.
    Scarab hp up from 1200 to 1300, Armor up from 3 to 4. Gold cost reduced from 26 to 18.
    Silithid Overlord hp up from 1075 to 1275.
    C’thun base hit points from 3500 to 7500.

    Good morning Diplo,
    Hope you are all having a good Friday. I wanted to take this opportunity to share fantastic news with you today. About two weeks ago I had a short exchange with @Talinn  where she expressed that she’d like to return Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, one of the greatest Warcraft 3 custom games, to the Diplomunion.com website. AW:LR has always been a huge part of Diplomunion and at a personal level, I was very unhappy with the treatment that people who played AW:LR experienced when more people took part on the forum end of our website. It was a missed opportunity that so many people were part of Diplo but never truly felt part of the larger community, only to be dealt with disregard or scorn. 
    I knew that as a community, we had an opportunity, not just because the AWLR community would be a great addition to ours, but because it gave us a chance to amends for the mistakes of the past. We made an offer to @Lordsebas , @YakaryBovine  and @Talinn , and Volrath the current leaders of the AW:LR community, and we are pleased to announce that we enjoyed interacting with them and they seem like fine and upstanding Warcraft 3 mappers and gamers who share our community philosophy and values. We are confident that our relationship will only grow more fruitful as time goes along.
    With that said, it is my honor and privilege to announce that AW:LR is returning to Diplo and all pertinent map information will be posted on the map forum board and map community page, as well as their discord listed below:

    Map Community Link:
    AW:LR Section:
    Access to Discord AW:LR role and section:
    Type “/AWLR” in chat (without quotes). 
    Special shoutout to @Spankfurt for establishing a rapport with our new friends and to @jayhana for all her site administrator technical help in ensuring we could build their vision of the AWLR community on diplomunion.com

    Credit to @StoPCampinGn00b for image

    A few weeks ago, you may have heard about the blaze that engulfed the roof and spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral, a French landmark that really needs no introduction or further description. Most people just know what the Notre Dame is without being told. It is hugely symbolic of Parisian identity and although it was built in far different scenario of medieval feudalism than our modern experience, the Cathedral gives Parisians, the French, and Westerners at large a sense of belonging and identity. It is quite amazing then, that the French who are majority non-religious, hold such high regard and attachment to a symbol and icon of Catholicism and Christianity. It is then a sad thought to think that the majority of Diploers, who are now interacting with each other solely on discord, an instant [gratification] chat format, have lost their sense of belonging and identity that is provided by our self-hosted community.
    French President Macron likened the Cathedral to “the place where we have lived all of our great moments, the epicenter of our lives”. Similar to the great cathedral, Diplo’s 11 year recorded history of all our laughs, arguments, agreements and disagreements are all embodied, codified and preserved in our self-hosted community forum. Nevertheless, things will always go to shit, and if we as Diploers do not keep our home maintained, we won’t have a community to hand off, let alone values to impart, to the future generation of Diplo shitlords. Diplo would continue to exist as a soulless husk, a community with no awareness of its past, and hence, no guiding compass to travel to its future.  
    It is in our nature to try and create structures and institutions that will outlast us in a fruitless egoic attempt to live forever. It's our natural leaning to want to preserve something against the force of nature that will end up destroying everything we’ve built, surely even the pyramids of Egypt will not outlive the infinite test of time it will endure. We must be honest with ourselves and question whether it's even worth it to try and keep the site and forum alive as they are naturally predisposed for failure. Why bother rebuilding a site that nobody uses when a discord server is so much more convenient and cost efficient.
    It is only with that risk of failure that we can truly challenge ourselves to succeed. If everything were easy, if rebuilding the site and forums were easy, if writing content that people would read were easy, if building the Notre Dame was easy, we wouldn’t value these things as much as we do. Discord too won’t last. When the next technological advancement comes in the realm of community building, there will be no way to transfer our community’s history, achievements, memes, shitposts, banter off to the next frontier. 
    Only 10 years ago, online message boards were the bleeding edge of online communication. Then came reddit, then skype and teamspeak, and now discord. How can a community retain its identity with these constant shocks to the community building system? The only answer that retains a community’s identity is that which builds integrations and connections between past and future, a solution for all times. My view going forward is that, like the Notre Dame, we should build a community for all times, not just for the time we currently find ourselves living in. 
    So I say, lets not build a hut of straw and reeds. We should build a Notre Dame. 

    I have exciting news for you all today. The Diplomunion integration with the Tapatalk forum webhook app is complete, which means that Diplo is now fully integrated with an app that is as intuitive to use and navigate as twitter or facebook. The integration means you’ll also be able to subscribe to and/or follow content on the site you’d like to receive notifications for, filling a void in functionality that left forums struggling against discord and other social media platforms. 
    It enables something as simple as having a Diplomunion.com on your phone’s menu page. 

      But it does so much more than that. It integrates the whole forum into an easily navigable experience for mobile users. If 56% of our users are mobile users then now they will be able to experience the site with much more ease as well as more frequently with the ability to get mobile push notifications.

      Per my personal preference, the settings I have in place notify me of any rating I receive or any post that’s made in a thread I have created in or posted in. This means I receive an instant notification whenever activity has been generated by another member. In the example here, I received a notification from @war4life in a test thread I made This notification vibrated my phone and sent me a notification on my lock screen, resulting in a higher level of engagement from me. 
      Within the tabs of the app, you’ll find that you are able to also view a timeline, where you can see all the posts being made on the forum posted in chronological order, similar to the feed we have on the site’s frontpage. You can also filter to only view unread, subscribed or participated posts in this view. 
      Additionally, you can also view your private messages as well as notifications in the last two tabs. 
    Download the Tapatalk app from your phone’s App-store, create an account and search for the Diplomunion Forum group. Its that simple. Message me if you have any issues.
    Removing your signature:
    Open the Tapatalk app and click on the cog for settings. Follow the link to signature and disable. This will remove the signature message posted at the bottom of every message you post from mobile. 
    This was a long time coming and I’m happy to make and continue making updates to the flagship of our community, the forums. My hope is that this integration will improve engagement and activity on our forum with the goal of returning our community infrastructure to one thats self hosted and controlled solely by us. 

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