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    DGL Finals: The Unlikely Underdog - Beastmode32x

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    Beastmode32x - aka @Charmander finished the regular season of DGL ranked #6. An impressive result for 4 weeks of play time and unlikely for someone ranked at the Gold Hero league level. However those who play with him know there is a secret to his success.

    Because of his rank of Gold, Charmander was not a priority pick or viewed as  a player to fear:


    "My competitors do not view me as a threat, so I'm constantly trying to prove them wrong. If I don't volunteer as captain I am always chosen last if at all."


    For those unfamiliar with HotS - DGL, captains volunteer at the beginning of a round to draft players. Building their teams in hot minutes and selecting around personalities, roles, and ability is a stressful process that few players would consistently take on, but  Charmander says for him it's all about self drive, getting picked, and proving himself:


    "I like to be in control of my own destiny and I've paid close attention to who I play well with or who plays well together. I like to build the structure to my success" 


    And that structure doesn't lie. Charmander has the highest amount of games played vs being captain in the entire league. He also has a winrate of 71%. Rising to the challenge, this player has proved that his method of building a team around his own strength and weaknesses brings a lot to the table - and translates into success.

    When asked to share some advice on how his fellow players can also rise in the ranks, it's no surprise that Charmander thinks team play is important:


    "My best advice to anyone trying to climb any rank system is focus on teamwork first. I always tell the guys on my Nexus Gaming Series team that even if we make the wrong call we need to do it as a team. The wrong call as a team is still better then a team divided on what to do."


    As said by HotS personality Grubby on stream: 'If your teammates don't respond to your call in 5 seconds, go with the team'. Because of this cooperative mentality you can expect Charmander to be a real contender for the 1st place prize of $100 this weekend in the DGL playoffs. He's told me he'd put this money into a new PC fund, which he'd use to return to DGL season 3 and reign terror on his enemies.

    I'm looking forward to Charmander's play this weekend - and you should too. You can catch all the action at 8pm EST on Twitch.tv/DiplomunionGamingLeague 

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