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    DGL Finals: The Favorite to Win it All - LFTPorkchop

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    LFTPorkchop, aka @Dingus, is a DGLer who started competing in our HoTS solo queue league not too long ago, making his debut on June 25th during the midpoint of the season. Slowly climbing the elo ladder by beating the best and most seasoned DGL veterans, he finds himself as the favorite to win Sunday's DGL Season 2.5 final with a hefty 553 point lead. He is currently sitting on 13 wins and 4 losses for the season for a 69% win rate. But as we are well aware with HoTS DGL, anything is possible and anything can change. I sat down with PorkChop to get to know him and discuss his history playing HoTS, his experience with DGL, and his future plans. 

    Porkchop's history with HoTS is extensive, and he started playing HotS around the time Leoric came out.  A lot of the heroes he plays happen to be macro heroes. According to him, Probius was one of his most detested heroes, but his Probius plays have turned him into a legend in DGL. A big challenge for him playing more micro intensive heroes was his technological limitation; His PC wasn't all that great and he ran the game at low FPS with the lowest graphics:


     "Landing shots was difficult, especially in team fights where FPS drops, but even when
    I played on stronger systems, macro was always my strength"


    Porkchop wasn't always the PvE macro master we know him as today. His lowest rank ever was Gold 5 but he was able to climb up to higher ranks, and eventually hit master, by playing his best, and not necessarily meta heroes:


    "Yes, there is a meta, yes pro players play certain heroes, but figuring out the heroes
    you have fun playing with and are good with not only makes it so you should be
    able to climb better, but makes climbing fun and makes tilting harder."


    Outside of Hero League, Porkchop enjoys playing DGL because it fills the niche of players who are more serious about playing. In his own words, the $100 grand prize makes it very rewarding for people who want a more competitive environment versus regular HL:


    "Yeah, i for sure enjoy playing DGL. I literally anticipate the end of the weekend even more
    now just to play DGL. I love having actual coordinated teams where I know tilting wont be
    tolerated. Despite playing with master players in ladder, the non-master players here are
    better to play with as we can always work as a team."


    In the scenario where Porkchop wins the grand prize on Sunday, he plans to spend the money on games during Steam's sale. He also assured us that he'll be back for DGL season 3. He is the DGLer to beat and we wish him and his competitors the best of luck in the finals. 


    You can catch all the action at 8pm EST at  www.Twitch.tv/DiplomunionGamingLeague 

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