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    5 reasons why you should participate in HoTS DGL!

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    Its no doubt some of you are on the fence about taking part in the best HoTS solo queue tournament in the world with full elo calculation and draft order capability. But just to get you over the fence, here are a few reasons why you should attend our HoTS DGL nights. 


    How to take part

    • Your in game level must be 125.
    • Join the DGL HotS Discord, and upload your profile in #confirmation.
    • 8pm EST alternating Saturday/Sunday every week.
    • Get drafted and play!


    1. The more people who attend each night, the better the match quality

    You may have queued up for Hero League late and night and received teams that look like these: 
    Credit to @DTMGoat for image

    The reason why these match making anomalies exist is because all these players are queuing up for Hero League but Blizzard is unable to find them games against their peers in a timely manner simply due to lack of players. DGL HoTS suffers from the same fate in these circumstances. If only 10 people show up and enough time has elapsed without a game, those 10 people, regardless of rank, will have to play with each other. 

    The more people who show up to DGL HoTS, the better the match making becomes. Please join us on the DGL HoTS discord to take part: https://discord.gg/hJdFZyY


    2. Win Prizes!

    DGL HoTS will be awarding prizes on a per night basis from now on. With our old $100 grand prize system, we felt a lot of people were throwing in the towel simply because they knew, for good reason, that they'd never be able to earn the prize. The prize giveaway system is much different this season. 


    1. At the end, the #1 placed player will receive $50 and 15 in game Loot Crates as well as a coaching session by @NotParadox#1815 and a featured video on his channel.
    2. The next four runners up will receive 15 loot crates each.
    3. Every weekend we will raffle all contestants into a draw for 3 Loot Crates.
    4. A Strawpoll will be created at the end of the night with the players our DGL casters and streamers deemed to be MVPs for a "Player of the night" award which will consist of a dollar amount award. 
    5. End of season poll for Caster of the season award.


    3. Elo Calculator and Draft Order Algorithm

    The league has a bot setup that rewards lower seeded teams vs higher seeded teams (similar to "Rank adjustment" in Hero League). The league is also equipped with a draft order algorithm which ensures the most fair captain draft order possible. 


    4. Meet new people and make friends.

    Diplomunion is a large community of people who play various games other than hots, but our hots community is especially tight-nit and robust. While we're not participating in DGL Hots, we're playing casually on a nightly basis at the main Diplomunion community discord: https://discord.gg/BHc2rUj in addition to participating in the Nexus Gaming Series with our [DG] teams. 


    5. Streaming and Casting

    DGL HoTS is always looking for streamers and casters willing to push the envelop on their commentary and game casting. Please contact @Abdelor @CNiperif interested. 

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