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    Welcome to Diplo's new home

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    Enter New Diplo. A community hub for all your gaming needs, not just a forum. A site that is integrated with Discord and Twitch which means you can create an account and login with either credential. A site that allows you to create events in our calendar and share immediately to the front page and your social media accounts with ease. Functionality that would enable our members to make blog posts, gallery entries and write articles with ease. The ability for post curators to highlight posts that make diplo great in each new thread made. The capacity to be able to read the first and last post of a thread by simply hovering over it. 

    Invision Community even gives Diplo the future capability of being able to auto-post new threads and posts to a channel in discord, a plugin that would bridge the gap between the 2 platforms. This plugin is still in beta stage but would be incredible to add to the site when its done development. 

    Questions you might have:
    Will all of Diplo posts be available on the new site?
    Every post on Diplo until June 2018 will be available. We've been at work on this website since Jan 2018 and I'm happy to say our hard work in migrating old Diplo to new will not cause a slowdown that was experienced on xenforo. 

    So what can I do to prepare? 
    Save your topics of discussion for the new site. You can make sure you're signed up on our discord to receive updates if there are any hiccups in bringing the new site online. You won't have to create a new profile if you have one already on old Diplo so just make sure you remember your username and password. You will have to update some of your avatar/profile info so save that if you don't have it. 

    When will old Diplo go down?
    Our contract with Hostmonster ends on August 16th which means the xenforo site will stop working either on or the day after that date. 

    How can I help? 
    During the opening of the site you can help by navigating and exploring the site we've built and letting us know if you see any issues, whether it be a technical problem or functionality that can be abused. You can also support us by donating to our patreon which would enable us to install more plugins to the site to enhance the user experience. One of the plugins we have our eyes on is one that enables you to search and post giphy images directly from the text editor, meaning you dont have to leave diplo to copy paste a gif link to the gif editor and hope it works. Some plugins cost more money than others. Consider supporting us on patreon (https://www.patreon.com/diplomunion/overview), even $2 per month, our Diplulzer tier, can help offload that cost. That being said we've had incredibly supportive and informative patreons and we are so thankful for the role they play for Diplo. 


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