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    Diplomunion has stood the test of time due to it's amazing partnerships with other organizations. Please take a moment to interact with and meet with the members of the larger Diplo-related gaming community. 



    Warhaven is a young and exciting Warcraft 3 community that caters primarily to a European member-base that focuses on Custom maps such as Lordaeron the Aftermath, Lordaeron the Foremath, Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, among others. We are very proud to be affiliated with them and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. 



    The Hive Workshop is a legacy Warcraft 3 assets community that is a powerhouse in the Warcraft 3 mapping scene. Visit them at https://www.hiveworkshop.com/ for all your mapping needs. 




    Wc3maps is a Warcraft 3 platform that aims to create a repository of every wc3 map ever hosted, as well as a listing of current wc3maps that are being hosted. I was given the honor of designing their new logo and I look forward to collaborating with TriggerHappy, the person who runs wc3maps. Please give the site a visit for all your wc3 custom map gaming needs. Visit them at https://www.wc3maps.com/  for all your custom gaming desires. 

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