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    • There are prizes for being good.
    • You need to sign up on the forums to attend the in house ELO matches.
    • If you sign up and don't show up you will be punished terribly.
    • If you're casting don't be silly.
    Prizes and Timeline

    • The season runs 4 months, expiring on April 11th.
    • On expiry, the top 5 players will receive a free game + merch as a prize.
    • At the end of the year, the top 20 available players will face off with the winners awarded a grand prize.
    When and How Do I Sign Up?

    • ELO Games will start at 9pm EST Sunday (unless otherwise mentioned).
    • To guarantee your spot, you must sign up on the forums in the post of the week which will be linked and pinned in the #HotS discord channel before 9pm EST Saturday.
    • Sign ups #1-10 will have first pick priority, then #1-15, #1-20, etc.
    • Last minute members who did not reserve via the forums but want to participate will be picked on a last priority basis regardless of their in game level or ELO.
    Captains & Teams

    • Captains will be assigned based on their ELO and will be changed for each round. Starting at the top of the standings and working our way down for each time we require new teams.
    • The amount of captains will match the groups of 5 entered. For example, 16 sign ups = 3 captains.
    • Left over entrants who aren't drafted into a group of 5, and wait for the first round to be over will be given first priority. Captains will have to exhaust these options before moving onto the rest of the group.

    • Draft will happen in discord before the game has been set up. Only those drafted are to enter the private game.
    • There will be a special chat channel and role set up for each Sunday that will be given out by the event leader. Everyone in that channel will be eligible to be drafted. All teams will draft at the same time.
    • The captains will meet with the event leader in voice chat and pick a number between 1 - 10, the closest answer goes first, followed by the next closest, and etc.

    • A round ends when all group of 5 teams have played. First placed combined ELO team will vs last placed combined ELO team, the winner of which will play the second placed combined ELO team. Extrapolate for more teams.
    • At the end of the round, new captains will be picked and extra players who signed up but did not get drafted will be given first priority.
    No Shows & Connection Issues

    • If you sign up to reserve a spot and do not make a post before 9pm EST on Saturday saying you can't make it, an automatic loss will be assigned to you. If this happens twice, you will be given last pick priority for the rest of the season.
    • Connection issues can be forgiven but unfortunately those with chronic connection issues will have to be benched until the issue is rectified. We don't want to do this but ensuring everyone is playing on a level playing field is important for the integrity and accuracy of the ELO.
    Casting, Replays, Observing

    • Are you interested in casting? Let ABDeL, CNiper, or banebladeluv know. We're always looking for people to help out, comment, and have fun.
    • If there are extra captains who aren't playing - they will have the option of observing the game and commenting with the official caster.
    • Only games that are casted, or replays posted, will be counted in the ELO.
    • If you are invited to cast, please be respectful. On video is not the time to air your personal grievances, technical issues, or troll people. The official caster reserves the right to remove you if he feels you are breaking this rule.
    • Other than the casters, nobody is to observe in game. You'll be able to watch via the Twitch cast.
    I want to play at a different time than Sunday, can I?

    • Any day is available - simply make a thread in the Heroes of the Storm section on the forums, and allow 1 week for sign ups.
    • If a caster is not available, you must post the game replay on the forums for it to be counted in the ELO.
    • Sunday is our official day, and it will depend on who is available on your day to facilitate. If you can do the job, we'll give you the roles you need to follow the format.

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    plzz I want to participate, and my team mate as well....
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