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Feb 13, 2018 at 3:57 PM
Mar 8, 2010
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Feb 13, 2018 at 3:57 PM
    1. Thurr
      So I've basically watched all of Armoured Skeptic videos and I was wondering if there are other youtube channels or online content that you would recommend checking out? I have a lot of time travelling to work each day, so it's always nice to have something to watch/listen to.
    2. Thurr
      You made me binge watch all the Armoured Skeptic videos. Thanks!
      1. Belisarius likes this.
    3. Archi
      Your signature is the best I have seen so Far. I like Hamlet too so much
      1. Belisarius likes this.
    4. monotony
      how do i add polls specifically? like name them?
    5. CNiper
      I don't think your worthless Beli.
    6. Belisarius
      thanks christian, you're a bro
    7. CNiper
    8. Rainman05
      No I don't.
    9. eduthproto
      Please specify your request when you say "all them meatheads".
    10. Belisarius
      ....oh alright, if i get rid of the sc2 portion can i keep the two quotes and the picture?
    11. Thurr
      As to Game of Thrones; the series is great but, to me, it can't compete with the books. Tirion is a hero in the series, but in the books every single character gets this much attention.
      The story gets far richer and detailed. In the series there were a few characters that I didn't even care about, even though in the books they are quite brilliant.
      Take for instance Ned, the impact of his death in the books is far bigger then in the series. You've spend a lot more time reading about him and you get a lot more information about who he is, and why he does what he does. Reading Martins books really changed my view on the fantasy genre that was starting to get quite boring to me. His whole style is so different from other authors I've read. I absolutely love it.
    12. Thurr
      That sounds a lot like my own music taste. I got a number of bands that I frequently listen to, but about each month I listen to a new genre, or just randomly search for new music. Right now I'm into indie-pop and musicians like Damien. (Are you familiar with Band of Horses? Great band, you should check it out if you haven't heard of it.)

      Now that you've mentioned Garden State and Fan Boys its probably the reason why I liked those songs so much.
      Garden State was fantastic and is pretty high up in my top-movies-list, Fan Boys was just very enjoyable.

      Got some Colin Hay on Spotify, so far I really like it.
    13. Thurr
      Wouldn't say I am popular, well maybe in the LR section, but outside I am just not-hated I guess.
      I am never offensive to people and that pays off I guess.

      I was wondering about your post in the music thread, I really liked most of the songs you posted (Damien Rice is king, and I doubt anyone can say a bad thing about Weezer).
      Do you often listen to music in this genre (not sure if its a specific genre, but bands alike Damien Rice and Remy Zero)? And could you maybe share some more of this music?

      On a side note; have you only seen the Game of Thrones or have you also read the books?
    14. CNiper
    15. CNiper

      Download Skype please, and then post your Skype info in the Skype thread.

      Much love <3
    16. Belisarius
      why yes it is, i'm a fan of Kenneth Branagh, and i also appreciate Shakespearean literature
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    "I don't trust a bastard who doesn't drink, They're afraid of revealing their true selves." -Humphrey Bogart
    "Forgive me Sasuke, this will be the last time." -Itachi Uchiha
    "Evidence please, you could ask me if unicorns exist and I'd say "Yup they do", but it's kind of pointless unless I could back it up with evidence."-Wolf
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