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  1. In-Development The War of Worlds

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    From the dark sides of the universe, dimensional rifts come back and forth. The balance was kept until these became larger and larger. Worlds started to connect together more and more often the time was passing. Multiple war cries emerge from each of every separate universe, which would become one. The greatest war of the history just started, and you are one of these warlords ready to fight to thrive during this harsh time, to defend your home word ... or simply dominate all beings !!! Now commander, destroy your foes, forge alliances, steal other worlds's knowledge, exalt the might of your legacy, and finally be triumphant of what it'll be called... The war of Worlds General ► 12 Players ► 10 Playable "Worlds", each have their own color ► 300 of food for army (epic battle without to be too laggy) (can be edited IG) ► Simplified Gameplay, but more brutal at macro-management ► Gameplay axed on Booming, like Age of empire II ► Free for all at default, alliances can be enabeled ► Spectate Commands ► Control Points optional mode ► Death match optional mode Gameplay There's the different aspects of the map ► Worlds : Up to 10, these completely different tech trees allow you to explore very numerous strategies of each. They have strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities. ► Portal : At the start of the game, you can pick anywhere to spawn with your wisp. Once your portal built, pick a world. Then, you get starting units and buildings to be ready (10 workers, 2 income/food...
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